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PerCal Allows Keeping Track Of Your Events Even When Offline [Chrome]

Most people have probably done away with their table calendars but that doesn’t mean they’re gone. Online calendars are some of the most basic and often best types of to-do list managers and, having one on your desktop, on your phone or even inside your browser, are useful. PerCal is a Google Chrome app that adds a calendar to your browser. The app is lets you browse to any month of any year and add different types of reminders. Reminders are categorized by colors and several different reminders can be added on the same date. The app allows you to schedule and keep track of your life, letting you manage personal and work events . Featuring drag & drop editing, quick navigation and an uncluttered interface, PerCal is a simple personal calendar app that tracks different types of events and gives a quick monthly view of upcoming events.

There are five different types of events in this calendar: Personal, Family, Work, Reminders and Holidays. Each event has its own color, making it easy to identify the type of events you have scheduled in your calendar. Clicking on a date opens an Add an Event box, allowing you to add, edit, copy or delete events. Click Add an Event to add a new event or click one of the buttons at the bottom of a previously added event to Edit, Copy or Delete it.

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When adding an event, you can choose how frequently it occurs i.e. Once, daily, every work day, weekly, monthly or yearly. Add a start date, a title, the event type and a description to the reminder and click Save. Depending on the type of reminder you’ve added, it will appear in its respective color on the specified date. A reminder type and color legend is available at the bottom of the calendar.


This app also allows you to import events from other online calendars such as Google Calendar and Yahoo! Calendar by clicking the Import Events option at the top right below the month/year timeline.


The app can be used to set reminders and events for everyday use, and lets you create events that get saved automatically. You can easily move your events from one date to the other using drag & drop. On the left and right side of the screen, there are thumbnails for quick navigation between different months. Above the current calendar month is a timeline that provides you speedy access to different months or years. PerCal is different from the other online calendars as you can access it even when you’re offline, since it does not require an internet connection.

Install PerCal For Google Chrome

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