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Portable Grooveshark Desktop Application For Windows

From all the online music services out there, Grooveshark is the most favorite at AddictiveTips HQ. We, like all other users, hate to open a web browser just to listen to music. So what is the solution? Grooveshark has their own Adobe Air app but it is for VIPs only. If you not a VIP member and also hate Adobe Air, the third party Grooveshark Windows Application is for you.

It is portable, more stable than web version, and acts like just another desktop music player. Pretty remarkable when you see the 220Kb file size.

grooveshark windows desktop

Below are some more screenshots showing the Community, Popular, and Now Playing tabs.

grooveshark community

grooveshark popular

grooveshark now playing

Every feature and functionality that you will find in the web version is available in this desktop application. You can even create your custom playlist.

grooveshark playlist

The developer has implemented the web version on desktop without modifying anything, except removing advertisements (which might be illegal). The application is portable and works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. The only requirement is that .NET Framework 4 or greater is required to run this application.

Download Grooveshark Desktop Application

[via Webtrickz]


  1. HAHA “Pretty remarkable when you see the 220Kb file size.”. Do you know what this is? It is a small webbrowser that only open grooveshark. I can program this in delphi in 2 minutes max.

    But still useful…

  2. Apple -> Grooveshark Desktop for MAC Free HOTFILE:
    GroovesharkPlayer OSX/Universal


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