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Quickly Generate QR And Micro QR Codes With Free QR Creator

Probably, one of the very useful inventions of mankind are Bar-codes . Bar-codes are machine-readable, data-encoded images that contains user-specified pieces of information related to an item, requiring a special equipment or scanner to extract such information. Barcodes, albeit introduced back in 60s, didn’t come to mainstream usage up until the last couple of decades. Barcodes are similar to UPC (Universal Product Code) which you find on various tangible product packages. A barcode can contain any type of data, ranging from the price of an item, the URL of a webpage, to the download link of a mobile app. They are not only quite convenient for the end user to use, but also help in keeping the embedded information secure and immune to any manipulation. Barcodes are now being used a lot in the form of QR codes (made famous by extensive use in Android Market), to distribute links among users. Usually squarish in shape, they usually comprise of three small squares at the corners. Previously, we have covered some very good QR code generators, such as BarCode Generator, which allows you to generate and export QR code images in multiple formats. Today we have another QR code generator called Free QR Creator, that allows you to quickly and efficiently create QR code and Micro QR codes. The application supports output in BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF and EMF image formats.

It has quite a simple and intuitive design, and every setting and option is housed under its only window. The application has a simple, two step process required to quickly create a QR code. Just paste your data and export the file. There are other options to change the QR code type between normal QR Code or Micro QR Code. You can also change the background and the foreground colors of the QR codes, and apply borders on all sides. The QR code can be zoomed in and out of view. When everything is done, select File and choose an Export format to save the iamge.

Free QR Creator

The drawback of this application is that you cannot create QR codes if the text is long enough. In our testing, it did successfully create the code, but the QR Code reader failed to recognize it. Free QR Creator has a memory foot print of 2.7 MB and works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Testing was carried out on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit edition.

Download Free QR Creator

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