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Remove Past Notification Area Icons In Windows 7 – Tray Cleaner

Tray Cleaner is a small portable utility that is developed to get only one job done – clean past notification items from the system tray. Before we begin, let me elaborate.

When you install an app, for e.g, lets call it “FOX” it will show an icon in the system tray. Now when you uninstall the app “FOX” then the icon will disappear, obviously it will not show in the system tray anymore.

But just because it disappeared doesn’t mean that it is removed from the notifications icons list. This means that Windows is storing these icons somewhere and cluttering up your system.

To better understand what we are talking about, right-click the Windows 7 system clock in the system tray and select Customize Notification Icons. In the screenshot below you can see many items, few of these programs are no longer installed in my system but the icons are still showing in the list.

Update: We would recommend giving Registry method a try, it will clean up your notification area icons quickly and has been tested to work.

windows 7 past items

Now how would we clean up this clutter? This is exactly where TrayCleaner comes in. Just launch it and hit Clear and you are done. It’s that simple, no registry editing is needed nor any advanced utilities are required.

tray cleaner

The developer has provided two different versions, one for Windows XP and other for Windows Vista and Windows 7.

[Download link removed] Please try the Registry method to remove Notification Area Icons which is 100% guaranteed to work. Enjoy!

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