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How To Rename A Printer In Windows 10

Printers are hard to set up and the set up process doesn’t involve giving the printer a user friendly name. For home printers, this isn’t much of a problem. Most homes only have one printer and whichever one is connected to your system or network is the one you’re going to print to. With printers in the work place, it’s different. You might have more than one. If it’s hard for you to keep track of the connected printers, you should rename a printer and give it a more user friendly name that helps you identify it.

Rename A Printer

In order to rename a printer, it should be online and connected to your system. It can be connected via the network or via a wire. The name is changed under the printer’s properties. You can access it from the Settings app, or from the Control Panel.

Open the Settings app, go to the Devices group of settings, and select Printers & scanner. You will see a list of all connected printers. Select the printer you want to rename and you will see a ‘Manage’ button under it. This will take you to the settings screen for the printer. Scroll down and click the Printer Properties option.

If you prefer the Control Panel over the Settings app, open File Explorer and paste the following in the location bar.

Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Devices and Printers

Scroll down to the printer section and right-click the printer you want to rename. From the context menu, select Printer Properties.

On the Printer Properties window, go to the General tab. The very first field on this tab is editable and this is where you set the printer name. Click inside this field, and enter a user friendly name for your printer. This properties window has a model section so if you ever need the model information for your printer, it’s not going to be lost after a simple rename. Click OK when you’re done and the name will update.

This change is made on a per-system basis. When you change the printer name, you change it on your system alone. Everyone else that connects to the printer through a different laptop/desktop will still see the default printer name. This change isn’t one that requires admin rights so we’re guessing there isn’t any way for a network administrator to change the name back to the default one.

If you do this for printers that you use at work, give them a work-place friendly name.

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