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How To Rip A DVD In 5 Minutes With WinX DVD Ripper

DVDs were at one point one of the best ways to store data. Since then, other more reliable hardware has taken its place but that hasn’t pushed these discs into extinction. They have in fact found a niche use; movies and DRM protected media. Games are excluded from this since Steam and other such platforms negate the need for it but DVDs are still very much in use. The only problem with DVDs is that they need storage space and it’s easier to store the content on a hard drive. It’s either that or you buy your movies again and that will not be cheap. If you have a massive DVD collection that you want to burn quickly to your hard drive. Here’s how to rip a DVD using WinX DVD Ripper.

The app is available for both Mac and Windows. It costs $ 59.95. The trial version of the app lets you burn five minutes of any DVD. It can clone a DVD ISO image and it has a truly impressive video format converter built right in to the app so that you can convert your DVD to a compatible format for your desktop or mobile phone.

How To Rip A DVD

WinX DVD Ripper is pretty simple; insert a DVD, select a format to rip to, and let the app do its magic. Click the Disc button and select your DVD drive.

Next, select which format you want to rip it to. The app suggests MP4 which will play on just about any device however, it also has a slew of other supported formats that you can rip the DVD to. The formats are sorted by platform e.g., Apple device, Android device, Microsoft device, etc.

For each format, you can choose the quality that WinX DVD Ripper will rip the DVD to. The Output profile only lets you use a slider that moves between low and high quality. If you choose lower quality, the DVD will rip much faster while the high quality version will take considerably longer.

There are additional quality settings that you can manage before you start the ripping process. For example, you can choose which codec to use, change the resolution, the frame rate, and the aspect ration, among other things. If you don’t know what any of these things are though, you should leave them as they are. WinX DVD Ripper will know which settings are best for the format you’ve picked.

Click the Run button to start ripping the DVD. The app will be able to rip a DVD in 5 minutes i.e. almost instantly but if you have something to do, or somewhere to go, you can have it shut down your computer once it is finished and not worry about your system remaining on longer than it needs to.

Once the DVD has been ripped, the app will open the folder the media has been saved to and you can play it right away with any standard media player app.

Additional DVD Option Support

WinX DVD Ripper can rip a DVD in 5 minutes however, it isn’t just doing a hack job of quickly extracting media from one source and transferring it to your hard drive. The app is intelligently built to support various properties of a DVD for example it can rip chapters in a DVD as individual items or it can merge everything into one. Additionally it can also copy subtitles (provided they aren’t hard coded) and it lets you choose the sound channel and its bit-rate.

One stand-out feature of the app is its CPU core controls and its support for Intel and NVIDIA GPUs. It can utilize both GPUs on your system to work more efficiently but it also lets you choose how many cores of your CPU the app should utilize when ripping a DVD. This lets you assign as many or as few resources to the app as you want. We should mention that if you give WinX DVD Ripper access to more cores, it will work faster. Likewise, access to fewer cores means a slower experience.

Other Features

WinX DVD Ripper has a built-in player that you can use to skim through the DVD and rip only a portion of it. It can rip items from an ISO and you can add a folder to it that it can scan for ISOs as well. The app’s media player has a built-in screenshot tool that can take a screenshot of the current video that’s playing.

WinX DVD Ripper is built with movies in mind however if you have an old game on a disc, you can try using this app to rip it to your hard drive.


WinX DVD Ripper is an app that meets every requirement you might have if you sit down to rip DVDs. It’s fast but it also has extensive support for different file formats. It can maximize speed by utilizing your system’s resources and it can rip HD videos in a very short span of time. The price point is more than justified when you consider how many formats the app supports and the many codecs that it comes with.

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