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How To Skip Intros For TV Shows In VLC Player

The title sequence or intro for TV shows varies in length. Some are pretty long e.g., the Game of Thrones intro which is at least 90 seconds long. Others are much shorter like that for Scrubs which is roughly 13 seconds. The only difference between the two is that Scrubs has a cold open while Game of Thrones starts with its title sequence. Game of Thrones has a pretty neat title sequence but a few seasons in and it can get boring. The same goes for a lot of shows. Plenty of people end up skipping the intro particularly if it’s long. Unfortunately, you have to do this manually and remember how long the intro actually is. If you’re binge watching a series, it’s annoying. The good news is, you can automatically skip intros for TV shows in VLC player with an extension called Skipper.

Skipper Extension

This isn’t a native functionality that ships with VLC player. To skip intros for TV shows in VLC player, you need to install an extension. Download the Skipper extension, extract the zip file, and install the extension in VLC player.

The Skipper VLC extension can not only skip intros for TV shows but it can also skip the end credits. This extension is practically built for a binge watching session.

Set Intro Time

After you’ve installed Skipper, open VLC and go to View>Skip Intro.

Skipper can automatically get the intro times for Game of Thrones, Dexter, and House of Cards. If you’re watching something else, you’re going to have to find the intro length yourself. It’s easy to get the intro length; just watch the seek bar at the bottom and look at the time when the intro completes.

To set the length for a show, simply enter it in seconds in the ‘Skip intro’ field. To skip credits, follow suite in the ‘Skip credits’ field. Click ‘Save and close’. All media files you open from this point forward will automatically skip the given time from the start.


Skipper only has one limitation; cold opens. A lot of shows have long intros but some start off with a cold open. This means there is no way to determine when the intro will appear and when it will end. If the intro is small like it is for Scrubs or How To Get Away With Murder, it’s no big deal but with shows like The Walking Dead’s 30s+ intro it’s still a problem. You’re only choice is to just use the seek bar to skip ahead.

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