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Sleeper Lets You Turn Off Your Computer Screen With A Hotkey

The energy crises has surely hit the fan.Experts believe that sooner or later we’d need alternative sources to power up our electronic equipment. PC monitor is one of the most power hungry sources of your whole computer. Although, with the introduction of LCDs and similar technologies have cut power consumption to almost half, it’s still better to save as much energy from being wasted. Thankfully, manufacturers design monitors to go into standby whenever they are no longer in use. The automatic power-save mode of Windows also comes useful in situations where you have to leave your PC unattended. When you are not working, power save mode cuts your display monitor’s energy consumption by turning it off. If you want to execute the said feature via yous keyboard, then give Sleeper a try. It is a portable Windows application that lets you turn off your computer screen with a specified keyboard shortcut. Well, you can also turn your monitor off with power button, but isn’t doing it with a hot key just better? Although Windows power-save mode turns monitor off after a defined interval of inactivity,  this application is useful when you have to randomly leave your PC for short periods.

The application doesn’t have an interface, nor does it require you to configure any type of settings. Just launch the application to turn your display monitor off. The versatility of Sleeper lies in the number of ways that you can set it to turn off your screen. You can put the file in a folder of your choice and run the application whenever you want to turn your screen off. A desktop shortcut for Sleeper can also be created. Another option is to pin the application to Taskbar or Start Menu. This way, it will be more efficient, since you always have your Windows Taskbar in front of you.

Sleeper Start Menu

Even though Pin to Taskbar and Pin to Start Menu are useful options, the best way to invoke Sleeper is by using the hotkey combination. First off, place a shortcut on your desktop, right-click it and select properties. Choose Shortcut tab, press the hotkey combination (Ctrl+Alt+Key or Ctrl+Shift+Key) in Shortcut key field and click OK. Now, whenever you use the defined hotkey combination, your screen will be turned off.

Sleeper Hotkey

Move your mouse, or press any key on the keyboard to wake up the screen again. Sleeper works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Sleeper

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