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Steam Autumn 2017 Sale: Best Single Player Games

Steam sales come about every few months and bring us something exciting each time. Now the world is about to go into a frenzy over Black Friday deals. Steam usually sticks to the traditional items on sale like GTA V and Witcher III (they’re on sale this time too) while not reducing a penny on PUBG. This autumn, however, Steam has really upped their game and offered the kind of deals you would not want to miss out on. These are the best games available for purchase on discounts on the Steam autumn sale. As always, to get the best discounts, you can switch to a different region for cheaper deals using VPNs.

1. Wolfenstein II The New Colossus

Wolfenstein II is taking the helm on Id Tech’s triumphant return to form that included the critical hits Doom and Wolfenstein. The original Wolfenstein put you in an alternate timeline where you are B. J. Blaskowiszc an American soldier fighting against Nazis who have taken over the world in the 60’s. Wolfenstein II picks up exactly where the first one left off and you continue taking the fight to the Nazi’s. The story, gameplay and stakes are even higher as you learn more about BJ and how this alternate timeline is changing once again.

2. Middle-Earth Shadow of War (40% Discount)

Middle Earth Shadow of War is the sequel to Shadow of Mordor, if you have not yet played Shadow of Mordor, you will want to get in on that immediately. It is the story about a ranger who symbiotically becomes attached to a wraith (ala Raziel in Legacy of Kain – Soul Reaver) who enslaves orc armies to fight against Sauron’s rising forces. Shadow of War starts just after the events of the first game when you grab hold of another ring of power to rival Sauron’s and take over forts and fight mythical beings from the Lord of The Rings franchise including a Balrog.

The game’s release was marred by controversy of having to rely on Lootboxes, which means paying real cash to progress in-game and unlock items. While it did not suffer the colossal misfire of Star Wars Battlefront II, it did create a lot of hostility. While Lootboxes don’t have a massive impact on the single-player story mode, it makes the online mode (where you storm and overtake forts) a massive challenge and down right unplayable in some cases. However, the story, visuals, gameplay are all fantastic reasons to play this game. It ties in beautifully to the events of the movies and makes for a memorable experience.

3. Batman Enemy Within (40% Discount)

Batman Enemy Within is the sequel to the critically acclaimed telltale game that told the story of Bruce Wayne’s parents and how their deaths were part of a greater conspiracy. Enemy Within pits you against The Riddler whose increasingly dangerous riddles are bringing the city to its knees. This story is three episodes in what is usually a 5 episode season. Each episode comes out after 2-3 months. It borrows elements from RPGs, the fantastic Arkham Trilogy of games, and brings its own original (and worthy) take to the character. This is a game you definitely want in your library.

4. Assassins Creed Origins (17% Discount)

Assassins Creed Origins is the latest foray in a story that started with a man using a device to explore his ancestors’ memories locked inside his own DNA. The game was basically Prince of Persia meets Hitman. The story started off in 1191 AD in The Holy Land and each franchise took us to different parts of the world. Assassins Creed origins is the latest installment in the franchise that explores, as the title suggests, the origins of the Hashashin (Assassins) cult in Ancient Egypt. Even if there is nothing else, these games have excellent stories and the gameplay is classic and they build their mythology over known domains. This adds to the whole atmosphere. Though the discount isn’t massive, but for a game that just came out, this is a fine deal and should not be missed.

5. Nier Automata (40% Discount)

Nier Automata takes the age-old science fiction question “what if robots had a conscience” and adds context to it by putting you in the shoes of Androids who are trying to save the world from the machine driven dystopia it has become. Discussing this game’s story any further would be doing you a disservice. The gameplay is reminiscent of Devil May Cry, Onimusha, Legend of Zelda style hack and slash. The visuals are stunning and on top of that, it throws you a story you won’t see coming. If you haven’t already, now is the time to play this game.

6. Evil Within 2 (50% Discount)

Evil Within 2 is a survival horror game. If we are being honest, it is not groundbreaking, but fans will agree that it checks a lot of boxes. From Shinji Mikami the maker of Resident Evil 4, possibly the best one in the franchise, Evil Within 2 brings us a fair amount of jump scares and a few truly scary moments.

7. Sniper Elite 4 (66% Discount)

Sniper Elite 4 is part of a franchise, but the games are much more about sniping than they are about anything else So it doesn’t matter who you play as. It is about getting a nice sniper rifle, find a distant spot, take wind, gravity and distance into account, and shoot Nazis until your bloodlust is satisfied. The previous games were very linear in their approach. You had a set location to reach while carrying out a pre-determined number of actions. That element has been revised to bring a Hitman/Assassins Creed/Metal Gear Solid V like open ended approach to every mission. You can go stealth, you can snipe them off at long range, or you can go in all guns blazing. The X-Ray cam during a killshot is a nice touch to an otherwise straight forward game.

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