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Steam Halloween Sale 2017: Scariest Games And The Best Deals You Can Get

If you were unfortunate enough to miss out on the Steam Summer sale 2017, fret not. Steam has you covered. The Steam Halloween Sale 2017 has started. This one is set to end by the 1st of November. This Halloween, you can get your hands on horror games that will both entertain and frighten. We selected the titles that offer the best experience and maybe even give your gaming PC a challenge along the way.

Since Steam has adopted region specific pricing models we can only share percentage discounts. If you want to get the best deal from all over the planet, we wrote about how to get games for cheaper prices on Steam using VPNs check that out too.

Note: These games have depictions of violence, gore and horror themes. Each game features an age rating on its page and should be taken into consideration before making a purchase.

1. Doom – 33% Discount

Doom 2016

Doom took the world by surprise in 2016. This is because reboots have a bad reputation. The first Doom game was a simple affair. You are a marine who is killing monsters on Mars. No additional context provided, none needed. Then, as graphics technology evolved, so did gamers’ expectations. The John Carmack led ID Software’s releases like Wolfenstein, and Doom have been on the forefront of gaming revolution. Doom brings us a clinic on how to do reboots perfectly.

You wake up in a medical facility with monsters around you. Kill those monsters before they kill you. For a game that is focused almost exclusively on violence, gore and creatures from hell, it has a surprisingly gripping story and a skull crushing heavy metal soundtrack. However, the greatest news here is that this game does not simplify the experience with quick-time events, level skips, easy puzzles, or micro transactions. Gamers with an affinity for multiplayer have a lot to look forward to. Multiplayer is not exactly grand experience, but that’s not why you play this game to begin with. Even if Doom does not appear outright scary, it is atmospheric and your heart is likely to skip a beat when a huge pile of health and ammo show up, because that means a horde of Mancubuses are coming.

Trivia: Did you know that the main character in Doom, though never mentioned by name is called  B.J. Blazkowicz III. Fans of the Wolfenstein series will recognize that name. Basically, the Doom protagonist is a descendant of the Wolfenstein protagonist.

2. Resident Evil VII – 50% Discount

Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil VII is a worthy successor to the long running survival horror series Resident Evil that has long been looking for a fresh start. They had peaked with Resident Evil 3 and 4 and became too stale with a couple of abysmal appearances with grand political schemes and complicated subplots on corporate greed. This game dispels with all of that and simplifies the premise.

Without posting any spoilers, you are looking for your girlfriend in a remote town. Things go from weird to scary to genuinely frightening as you try to avoid getting caught while solving a series of mysteries and puzzles. It removes all the umbrella corporation and The US President’s daughter unpleasantness and leaves you to survive and escape. It might very well be one of the scariest games listed in the sale.

3. Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines – 75% Discount

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines is a very old game. It was built on the Source Engine that went on to power Half Life 2, Counter Strike, Portal and Team Fortress. Which, at the time, made for a good looking experience, but the novelty wore off due to technical bugs and a very incomplete game shipping at the time. However, thanks to the modding community, the game has been completely fixed, visually uplifted and then some.

The game is an RPG built around the Masquerade series of books. You must select the kind of vampire you want to be and make your way through the storyline with varying gameplay for each vampire type. You can even switch between First person and third person mode, like PUBG. This game might not sound like a scary game, but you soon realize that even vampires have something to fear. It is certainly a classic that should be in every gamer’s library. You can check the mods out at Nexus mods.

4. LIMBO – 85% Discount | Inside – 50% Discount

The reason for mentioning these two games together is because they are from the same developer, are side-scrolling adventures and are both hauntingly deep. There are no jump scares, yet, you are constantly going to be uncomfortable while playing these.


Limbo pits you as a child stuck in purgatory, You have to make your way to the end without dying and getting lost. The game is atmospheric, the environment is beautifully crafted and for a 7 year old game, the visuals hold up fantastically well even today. They might even be considered timeless.


Inside is a game about being stuck inside a dark and sinister project and he has to make it out without getting caught. A simple premise, but a genuinely scary experience avoiding detection and making it through.

5. Amnesia Collection – 90% Discount

Amnesia Dark Descent

Amnesia The Dark Descent is a throwback to the series of games that reinvigorated the horror genre  for gaming. It will forever show up in all ‘best ever” horror lists for time immemorial and for good reason. This is one scary game. It starts in 1893 as your character wakes up in a castle suffering from Amnesia. He has to make his way into the castle’s inner sanctum. Be warned, this is not for the feint of heart as it is full of jump scares that put the hardest of wills to the test.

6. Dead by Daylight – 50% Discount

Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is a co-op survival horror game. In that one player assumes the role of a killer akin to Freddy or Jason (or something else of your own choosing) and the others players have to avoid getting massacred at the killer’s hands. It is a virtual game of hide and seek with very scary stakes. You have the option of hiding in a small cabin, nearby woods, under vehicles or in other remote areas. The killer has an arsenal of tools at their disposal to track the targets down and brutalize them. The targets can jerry-rig some solutions to avoid a bad ending. It is quite fun and makes for a very interesting night.

7. The Forest – 25% Discount

The Forest

The Forest is a survival horror game that requires building solutions. You are the lone survivor of a passenger jet crash who has ended up in a forest filled with a society of man eating mutants. You have to explore the region, gather resources, build yourself a shelter and survive the forest. This is an indie game that takes the building premise of Minecraft, couples it with the survival horror of Silent Hill or Resident Evil and gives you motivation to find a place to hide. This is not a game you want to miss out on.

8. Beholder – 56% Discount


Beholder takes the horror premise and turns it on its head. You are a landlord who has a series of tenants come and go and your job is to make sure their lives are easy. However, the twist is that you are actually required to spy on them and report any suspicious activity to the government. This is a fictional world where the regime is totalitarian and you have to make sure that your residents cannot do anything against the state. You can bug their apartments when they are not there to spy on them. That feeling you have when you feel like someone is watching you? You are that feeling in Beholder.

9. Dead Rising 4 – 40% Discount

Dead Rising 4

Dead Rising 4 builds on the formula laid out by the Dead Rising franchise and takes it up several notches. As you would expect, there is no shortage of Zombie games in the Halloween sale 2017. However, we don’t want you to just be cowering in fear of Zombies, we want you to have fun. That is where Dead Rising 4 comes in.

You can assemble a weapon out of literally any two objects and cut down throngs of zombies as you make your way through the story. You can attach a machete to a motorcycle to have a fast running cutting tool. A fork to a torch to look and stab (as needed) and take selfies while you do all of that. The combination of weapons and player customization are off the charts. The game has a dark premise, but does not take itself too seriously.

Other Great Deals

Despite promising the scariest games, we would be doing our readers a great disservice if we neglected to mention that GTA V can be purchased at a 50% Discount and Witcher 3 can be purchased at 60% off on Steam. However, these offers might not last as long as the Halloween sale 2017 so you should get your hands on those as soon as possible, if you haven’t already.

If you want to check out more games, check out the Steam Halloween Sale‘s official page.

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  1. weren’t that impressive to say the least. ps had fantastic sales but getting the titles over psn has been a fuss. at least for me and my friends because the credit info has to meet the region requirements and so does the psn id. and while you can surely make another psn id from another region by opening a different region’s psn store over your pc using a vpn like ivacy or nord, you’ll still need the respective region’s card details to get the games. maybe if paypal works regardless of the region, this workaround might still work.

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