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How To Stop Skype Signing In Automatically On Windows 10

There are two different Skype apps that you can use on Windows 10. One is the Win32 desktop version which we’ve been using since Skype launched. It’s been updated several times in the past but it’s still a Win32 app that you have to manually download and install on your system. The second is the Skype UWP app that is already installed by default in Windows 10. The Skype UWP app behaves differently and it doesn’t have the same settings which is why, if you want to stop Skype signing in automatically on Windows 10, you have to use a different method for each app type.

Skype Win32 App

The Skype Win32 app remains signed in, even if it isn’t running. When you sign into your Skype account , you have the option to remain signed in. You can then quit the app, or close it. By default, the Skype Win32 app will launch at login. To stop the app from launching at login, open it and go to Tools>Options.

In the General Settings tab, you will see two options; Start Skype when I start Windows, and Sign me in when Skype starts. You can disable sign in and have the app start when you start Windows, or you can disable the app starting when you sign in to Windows but have it sign you in automatically whenever you open it.

Skype UWP

The Skype UWP app behaves differently from its Win32 version and you won’t like it. It doesn’t have the two sign in and start options that the Win32 app has. In fact, you cannot prevent the Skype UWP app from starting when you start Windows. It’s always going to be running in the background. That’s how you get alerts to new messages. If you want to stop Skype signing in automatically in the UWP version you only have one option; sign out. There is no other way.

To sign out of the Skype UWP app, click your profile picture at the top left.

Scroll down the small menu that opens and you will see the Sign out option. Click it to sign out of Skype. The Skype UWP app will still run when you start Windows 10 and there is no way to quit it.

If you don’t like the choices the Skype UWP app has to offer you’re only alternative is to uninstall the app and use the Skype Win32 app instead. To uninstall the Skype UWP app, open the Settings app and go to the Apps group of settings. On the Apps & features tab, look for the Skype app in the app list. Click it, and click the Uninstall button.

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