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Tomighty Is A Pomodoro Desktop Timer That Helps Get Tasks Done On Time

Even the most accomplished procrastinator will put in an honest effort in the wee hours or minutes leading up to a deadline. If you follow a similar work pattern where you put in the best of your effort just minutes or hours before crunch time then you might want to try Tomighty, a desktop app that works on the Pomodoro technique to help you realize the value of time and prevent you from wasting it. The app lets you set time a interval and starts a reverse timer, minutes left until time runs out are shown in the system tray, you can reset a time interval, take either a short or long break or interrupt and resume an ongoing interval and customize the time intervals to be as long as you want them to be.


It appears as a Tomato icon in you system tray. Clicking the icon opens a small pop-up with a button to start a pomodoro.

Tomighty options

Once started, you can interrupt, restart or take either a small or long break. To set the time interval, right click the icon in the system tray and select options. You can set the time period, the theme of the timer and what sound is played when the designated time is over.

Tomighty timer options

The app works on two simple rules, one it divides time making time management easier and the timer itself is much like an axe hanging over your head reminding you that you’ve got a job to finish. It also gives the option to take a break once a time interval runs its course or to start a new pomodoro.

Tomighty break

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