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UndoClose For Windows [AddictiveTips Apps]

One of the most useful tab-management features of modern browsers is opening recently closed tabs using the Ctrl+Shift+T hotkey. It certainly saves the time one would’ve spent sifting through browsing history to find and open closed tabs. In contrast to browsers, Windows 7 manages folders and application windows differently; despite storing recently opened programs and items in Start Menu, it doesn’t support bringing them up again using a hotkey. Today, AddictiveTips brings you UndoClose – a free program that remembers all recently closed folders and applications, so that you can restore them in the same sequence in which they were closed using two hotkeys. In short, it enables you to open the last closed folder(s) and application(s) just like the way Firefox, Google Chrome and other browsers let you open the recently closed tab(s).


UndoClose supports two hotkey combinations; Ctrl+Shift+F and Ctrl+Shift+A, to open last closed folder (in Windows Explorer) and application, respectively. The hotkeys can be used multiple times. For example, if you close VLC Player, Notepad and iTunes, press Ctrl+Shift+A hotkey three times to launch VLC Player, Notepad and iTunes again.

UndoClose sits in the system tray after being launched and silently starts monitoring all folders and applications that are closed. It then helps you restore them using the hotkeys.

If the pre-defined hotkeys come in conflict with other global hotkeys, you can change them from Settings. To access Settings, click the system tray icon. You will also find all recently closed folders and applications with their complete source paths. You can open them by double-clicking the items in the list.

You can watch how it all works in the video walkthrough below.

The application is built to actively keep log of all the apps and folders you close, and therefore, it consumes 35 MB of system memory. It’s worth mentioning here that memory usage depends upon the number of apps and folders you close during the session. UndoClose is a portable app that works on Windows 7 only. Both 32-bit and 64-bit OS are supported.

Download UndoClose


Version 1.1 – Now works with all Libraries (main folder, default Windows libraries, custom user-made libraries), Computer, Recycle Bin, Control Panel (Category view), and Network.

Version 1.0  – Initial Release

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