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WriteSpace – Distraction Free Writing Plugin For Word 2010/2007

When a person is writing a thoughtful article, he is easily distracted. Every now and then he would access some other file, there will be an urge to check the inbox or visit a social network site. This is why distraction-free writers such as Momentum Writer comes in. But these apps are standalone and do not integrate themselves into popular text editor Microsoft Office Word.

Writespace is a free plugin for Microsoft Office Word 2010/2007 that can launch a fullscreen distraction-free writer from within. The benefit is that you will get the functionalities of MS Word such as the powerful build-in spell checker, find a keyword, go to any line, and more.

Once installed, you will find a Writespace tab where both Launch Writespace and Options button are given.


Click Launch Writespace and and you will see a black background in fullscreen mode. You can easily increase the width by dragging the margin.

whitespace word margin

Screenshots above are taken from developer’s page

The font color, font family, and font size can be changed by going to Writespace Options. It is fully customizable and allows users to zoom, switch between multiple monitors, view status bar, and more. There is also a separate command line Writespace tool available for download which if pinned to Windows 7 taskbar fully supports the jumplist.

Download Writespace



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