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Why Independent Developers Are Having Difficulties Implementing Jump List Support In Windows 7

After seeing how so many professional software are being updated to support JumpList in Windows 7, I wondered why independent developers are missing out on this golden opportunity. As it turns out the problem is with Microsoft rather than developers.

Microsoft has not provided any proper documentations to 3rd party developers so that they can integrate their apps with Windows 7 Jumplist.

At AddictiveTips we leave feedbacks to the developers and sometimes encourage them to add new features. Today I had a frank conversation with one independent developer who claimed that implementing Jumplist support now would require some extra DLL files. Below is his response(complain) when asked about jumplist,

But Microsoft has not given any official word about this for developers, there are only some examples to work from, no official stuff with documentation and this requires extra DLL files. I want it to integrate completely in [Product Name].

When these jumplist features are properly documented and I do not need extra DLL files for it then I will start implementing it.

Jumplist is a very important feature of Windows 7, now it is up to Microsoft to release the proper documentation to 3rd party developers. Microsoft are you listening? The sooner, the better.

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