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Windows 7 Application Error Report Manager

What happens when your application crashes or fails to work due to compatibility or any other problem? You receive a simple dialog message in some cases and that’s it. What if an application closes unexpectedly without any warning?

Windows 7 keeps a copy of all application crashes in the .wer files created by the Windows Error Reporting(WER) component. AppCrashView is a simple portable application from Nirsoft that extracts the error report from these files and display them in one simple list.

This app has two uses; to check the history of all crashed applications and their reasons behind the crash. Detail of each crash is displayed in the pane below the list. You can always export the result in text/csv/html/xml file for future reference.


Since Windows Error Reporting(WER) component is only present in Windows Vista and Windows 7, the app will not work in any other version of Windows.

Download AppCrashView

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