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Windows 7 Power Efficiency Report For Laptops & Netbooks

If you own a Laptop then you should be conscious about its battery’s power consumption. There is no need for any third party tools to get a report of the power efficiency of your battery, Windows 7 has a built in utility (powercfg) to get the report of the system’s power efficiency. It is a hidden built-in command line tool that will examine your laptop’s energy consumption and make recommendations on how to improve it.

First of all run command prompt in the Administrator mode by clicking the Start Orb, then type cmd,  and right click it then choose the Run as Administrator option.

Run As Admin

Now the command prompt window will be opened, here type the following command to generate the report about your power efficiency. This report is in the html format so you can view it in any Web browser.

powercfg –energy –output Energy_Report.html


Where powercfg is the name of the utility, energy means it will generate the report about your laptop’s power consumption, and output specifies the name of the file to which the output will be written.

Final Report

The report displays the test statistics relevant to the power consumption of your battery, it also offers you some suggestions on how to improve your battery timing. Enjoy!


  1. Technology improves / innovates every minute! It will develop the quality of all laptops and netbooks. Power Efficiency solves problem.

  2. Portability and Efficiency are the two main reason behind the increasing demand of laptops that replacing the desktop computers. In this world where new technology seemed to be born every minute, people wanted to ride the tide and be techno savvies themselves.

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