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Windows 7 System Temperature Monitor

We have reviewed apps, such as, Speccy that give detailed information of the system. But what if you want check the hardware after building your own custom Windows 7 system?  HW Monitor is a portable tool which lets you monitor your computer’s hardware. It is a monitoring program that reads the systems main health sensors like voltages, temperatures, fan speed, etc.

This is a very simple tool, just run the executable file and it will show you the results. It can read modern CPUs on-die core thermal sensors, as well as the hard drives temperature via S.M.A.R.T, and the video card GPU temperature.

HW Monitor

You can save the monitoring data, click the File > Save Monitoring Data option and then specify the location where you want to save the file.

Save Monitoring DataDownload HW Monitor

It also works on Windows XP and Windows Vista, apart from Windows 7.


  1. It is a great software. It shows temperature of two CPU cores, hard disk and also two mainboard sensors. Thanks a lot. 

    A little idea on feature: how about let the program able shrink to the status tray when minimized or “X” is clicked? 

  2. hm.. i didn’t agree with some things, however i do liked it overall… this post was recommended to me by a friend at digg and he was right though. quite good read! 🙂

  3. You’re right, I’m a noob and was looking for a hardware temp monitoring tool for Win7. After preforming a google search it led me straight here. Good job with the title and thanks for the help, this is just what I needed.

  4. I use HWMonitor in conjunction with HWMonitor Meter and HWMonTray to monitor core temps,HDD temp,% CPU used and % RAM used in a small 3/4×1-1/2 rectangular window on my desktop.I created a run-at-startup and log-on command so that it is completey hands free.It’s a wonderful tool and I have recommended it to several friends.

    For the whiners-You got to this site because you were looking for a hardware monitor for your PC.You found it….

    • No I actually came to this page from google under the impression I was going to be shown how to use the in-built performance monitoring tools that comes with windows 7 to provide a logfile of temperatures from various system components.

      Instead, we get a recommendation for a program that requires launching and doesn’t provide a Service to create log-rotated data.

      It doesn’t matter however, because we’ll have to resort to using WMI in order to code our own temperature log server.

  5. I needed a utility to monitor the temperature of my new Hex core processor and ATI 5770 graphics card, components of my new build. I typed in temperature monitor Windows 7 and found this – exactly what I was wanting top of the list.
    Considering the amount of junk that you have to wade though on web searches this was a dream, and the utility is superb – simple and totally effective.

    I just don’t understand some people. You give great stuff away for free and they still find something to bitch about.


  6. boo and alex,, wrong wrong wrong! nakodari is right! i went to search for a system monitor with temperature and the search took me right here. i downloaded it and it worked fine. if you morons dont like it then move on, instead of bitching like old women! thanks, nakodari.

  7. the title of this article is contradicting/confusing/false.. I clicked to this article because I was expecting another built-in feature in Windows 7 which I've yet to come across.. sadly it's just another 3rd party software that does the info-monitoring.. nothing gonna do with Win7.. I can simply copy this exact article and re-title as “Windows Holy Version Platinum System Temperature Monitor”, which has the same meaning as yours..

    • I believe that you got somewhat confused here. I wrote this basic title to help the beginners find the temperature monitoring tool. How else would they find it?

      If you do know any other tool why not share with us? Sadly, Windows 7 doesn't have a solid build-in temp monitoring tool. So next time users will search for a good tool to monitor temp in Windows 7, they will find the tool mentioned above useful. I hope it clears the confusion.

      On the other hand we provide short excerpts of the post on the main page which pretty much shows the tool name. So if you think it is a 3rd party tool, you don't need to click the article. 😉

    • boo has got a point. You could have used a better title like “System Temperature Monitor for Windows 7”

    • ummmmm…………what the fuck?
      Why don’t you write your congressman, you faggoty ass wierdo.

    • WTF???? Why don’t you step off you Bitch! I said that was the tool but now I found you to be a tool. 

  8. Great application indeed. I have been using it since installing Win7 RC back in may.
    I tried every temperature gauge I could find and this one is by far the best that I could find. Highly recommend.

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