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How to fix Xbox controller keeps disconnecting

Xbox controllers come in both wired and wireless models but the wireless models are more popular since they’re easier to play with. You never have to worry about a pesky wire getting in the way when you’re setting up to play or actually playing. The controllers are great but can run into connectivity issues from time to time. If your Xbox controller keeps disconnecting from your Xbox, try the following fixes.

Fix Xbox controller keeps disconnecting

These fixes are generally for wireless controllers that tend to run into more trouble compared to wired ones but some of these solutions will work for wired controllers as well.

Basic checks

Make sure that;

  • The controller has sufficient battery.
  • Unnecessary Bluetooth devices aren’t present near the console or the controller.
  • You are sitting reasonably close to the console for the connection to work.
  • You’ve got other controllers that work just fine with your console.

1. Restart the console

Restarting your Xbox (or any other device that is having trouble) is a good start to fixing problems with a controller.

  1. Locate the X button on the console.
  2. Press and hold the button for ten seconds.
  3. Release the button.
  4. Press the X button again to turn the console back on.
  5. Once powered on, try using your controller to see if the connection stabilizes.

2. Unpair and pair controller

A wireless controller uses Bluetooth to connect to an Xbox and sometimes, the device’s profile can run into trouble causing frequent disconnectivity. You must have access to a PC in order to do unpair the controller.

  1. Connect a data cable to the controller.
  2. Connect the USB end of the data cable to your PC.
  3. Press and hold the sync button on the controller for ten seconds or until the Xbox light/button.
  4. Remove the data cable.
  5. The X button on the controller will start to blink to indicate it isn’t paired with anything.
  6. To pair it again, press and hold the X button (make sure the console is on).
  7. Wait for the light to stabilize.
  8. On the console, press and hold the pair button and at the same time, press and hold the connect button on the controller.

3. Upgrade controller firmware

Controllers have their own firmware. Often a firmware update will fix problems with connectivity. You can update newer controllers wirelessly but we strongly recommend using a data cable regardless of which model your controller is.

  1. Connect your controller to your Xbox via a data cable.
  2. Access your Console’s settings by pressing the X button on the controller.
  3. Go to System>Settings>Devices & streaming>Accessories.
  4. Select your controller.
  5. Click the three dots button under the controller.
  6. Go to Firmware version>Update Now.
  7. If an update is available, it will be installed. Do not use/interact with the controller until the update has installed.


These solutions will fix intermittent disconnectivity between the controller and the console. If your controller doesn’t connect at all, i.e., the X button keeps blinking, you have a pairing problem and it may extend to a hardware issue. Try using a different controller with your console. If it works, you might need to replace the problematic one or have it repaired.

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