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What Does RGB Stand for and How Does It Work

If you’re a tech or gaming enthusiast, you may have heard or used the word “RGB.” However, you being on this page means you want to know what does RGB stand for. This is a trending tech design topic, and you should know its meaning. Continue reading to know more about it.

what does rgb stand forWhat Does RGB Stand for

As you may have already understood, RGB is all about colors. It stands for “red, green, and blue.” It’s a basic color model which is capable of reproducing an array of colors by blending red, green, and blue light of various intensities.

Red, green, and blue are the basic colors that contribute to creating all other colors of a color wheel. If you’re into designing, you should have a clear idea about the color wheel and RGB.

RGB works as the foundation for different display output devices such as televisions, computer monitors, and smartphone displays. Every single pixel you see on your computer screen is the right mix of red, green, and blue that your PC dictates for that very pixel. For this reason, certain applications let you choose the RGB color.

More on RGB

When someone who is into gaming and computing refers to “RGB,” it usually means decorative RGB lighting. These are the colored LED light that you see in different PC hardware and devices including keyboards, mice, cooling fans, and headphones. RGB color model is used in these peripherals to create enchanting lighting effects and increase the beauty of a desk setup.

PC enthusiasts and gamers are the reasons RGB computer gears enjoy such popularity these days. Thanks to the manufacturers joining this RGB league to increase their sales, even high-end gaming laptops come with this functionality.

Devices that offer RGB color options are monitors, keyboards, mice and mouse pads, memory sticks, fans and cooling devices, motherboards, graphics cards, computer casing, headphones and speakers, solid-state drives, and power supply units.

Apart from these, various RGB strips and light fixtures are available that offer you the freedom to design your personalized RGB layout. These are usually put inside a PC case, or around or underneath a desk.

In terms of performance, RGB components are no better than their standard counterparts. However, non-RGB builds are cost-effective. Usually, RGB devices have a controller that end-users can use to set and adjust the color, rightness, and effect.

How Does RGB Work

The RGB color model is known as an additive model. When 100% of all colors are blended, you’ll get white light. On the contrary, no color is mixed, there’ll be no light, which means the color will be black.

It’s the opposite of CMYK mode which is a subtractive” color model involving cyan, yellow, magenta, and black. People use this standard color palette to create printed images.

Concluding Words

If you’re into designing or gaming, you should know what does RGB stand for. The use of RGB is everywhere, but the technical world has seen widespread use of it in recent times. Now that you know its meaning, you can use it correctly.

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