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1Weather v2 For Android Adds Tablet Support, Lock Screen Widgets & More

1Weather by OneLouder Apps is easily one of the most popular weather apps available for Android. Since its debut last year, the app has maintained high ratings and an ever-growing user base. Despite being one of the most gorgeously designed and informative apps of its kind, 1Weather has been criticized for the lack of tablet support for quite some time now. However, that all changes with the release of the app’s latest version that not only introduces users to a fully tablet-optimized interface, but brings several additional features to the table as well, including a refined UI that seems more in compliance with the latest Android design guidelines. In addition, the radar section of the app has been optimized, and a Map Pin feature has been introduced to pinpoint your favorite weather locations on Google Maps. The app’s ongoing notifications now keep you well-informed about the current weather conditions of your chosen locations. Last but not the least, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean users now get a chance to select from a couple of customizable widgets for their lockscreens.

Undoubtedly, the most significant addition to the entire update remains the app’s support for Android tablets, as you can now enjoy a better and more detailed view of overall weather conditions and forecasts on your large screen. While the tablet version of the app looks ever more appealing compared to its smartphone counterpart, it seems to be lacking a couple of features including severe weather alerts, precipitation level and and Sun & Moon screens.


To our dismay, the smartphone version still doesn’t support landscape orientation. Nevertheless, the UI has been enhanced considerably on the whole to include ICS/JB style menu overflow, sidebar, columns/tabs, dropdown menus and other subtle UI tweaks.


The same applies to the radar section that looks much more polished and works smoother than before. Your favorite cities are now indicated on Google Maps by relevant placemarkers, and the map section itself supports playing/pausing radar animations, switching between terrain and road map views, and selecting the radar’s opacity level.

1Weather-Android-Update-Jan'13-Sidebar 1Weather-Android-Update-Jan'13-Home

Initially supporting severe weather alerts only, the app’s notification system now allows customizations in a number of ways. For instance, you get to choose a custom location in this regard, along with the option to customize certain details like the auto-refresh interval, actual air temperature display, feels like temperature display, temperature color, and notification theme (black or white).

If you’re an Android 4.2 or higher user, you get the additional option to select from a Classic (semicircular) or Compact (rectangular) lockscreen widget. As with the home screen widgets, both lockscreen widgets are customizable in a number of ways, and help you keep a close tab on the current weather forecast of select location without having to launch the app.

1Weather-Android-Update-Jan'13-Widget1 1Weather-Android-Update-Jan'13-Widget2

Surprisingly, an iOS variant of 1Weather hasn’t been announced even with this latest update. However, Android users can grab 1Weather as an ad-supported free version from the link provided below. The ads can be removed from the free version through in-app purchase of $2.

Download 1Weather For Android

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