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1Weather By OneLouder Apps: The Most Complete Android Weather App Yet?

OneLouder Apps have certainly set their sights on covering every single known app category in the Android Market. For an enhanced Facebook and Twitter experience, you can try their FriendCaster and TweetCaster apps respectively. SportCaster brings you all the latest sports-related content, whereas ChannelCaster is an all-in-one RSS feed, news and social media aggregator. However, the greatest masterstroke came just recently, when said company acquired Baconreader – the most complete and flawless reddit client to hit the Android Market to date.

To the utmost delight of Android fans, OneLouder Apps are back in action once again, this time introducing their very first weather app by the name of 1Weather. Slick, stylish, customizable and feature-packed; one can easily find these attributes with most weather apps, but what makes 1Weather special is the extraordinary level of weather detail, extremely easy-on-the-eyes aesthetics, informative homescreen widgets, and a touch of social media courtesy of live weather-related tweets, that keep you apprised of the latest weather condition of virtually any corner of the world.

1Weather-Android-Home 1Weather-Android-weather

So what do we get with 1Weather? Well, almost all the handy features that are commonly associated with a typical weather app. These include the latest weather forecast of your current location, complete with weather-specific parameters, such as temperature, humidity level, UV Index, a 24-hour, 48-hour as well as 7-day split detailed weather forecast and precipitation estimation (with extended graphical interpretation), severe weather alerts, multiple-mode weather maps with extended zooming option (US only), sun and moon timings with info about the current lunar phase, option to add unlimited locations of interest to get their weather forecast with just a swipe of a finger, real-time search suggestions for required locations, and last but not the least, multiple homescreen widgets, each portraying the current weather conditions of your favorite city.

1Weather-Android-Weekly 1Weather-Android-48-Hour

Then there are live location-based weather-related tweets flowing in from all parts of the world to help you plan your journeys better. In addition, the app sports a beautiful image gallery that fetches some of the most attractive weather-related photos from your locations of interest.

What sets 1Weather apart from all other weather apps is the level of depth, and the visually appealing manner in which it gathers and displays all the aforementioned information on your screen. Like all other OneLouder Apps, this one also has a stamp of sheer quality and user friendliness all over it. Be it the customizable background and weather layout, easy-to-use interface with all features accessible via multiple tabs, one-tap update of weather information, animated icons depicting near-accurate weather conditions, a dedicated homescreen that lists all the added locations with updated weather icons for each, and lots more.

1Weather-Android-Severe 1Weather-Android-Precipitation

Upon launch, the app determines your current location via GPS, and displays relevant weather information via several numerical parameters, as well as polished and animated pictorials. Tapping Today reveals a 24-Hour Forecast with graphical interpretation of temperature and precipitation levels for the day, whereas tapping the sun/moon icon at the bottom shows a 48-Hour Forecast with split weather information on per-day basis about the subsequent days. Swiping to the second icon/tab at the bottom lists the detailed 7-Day Forecast, whereas the third tab can be pressed to get Severe Weather alerts (if any).

1Weather-Android-Map2 1Weather-Android-Map1 1Weather-Android-Map3

The umbrella tab show precipitation levels and forecast rain levels for the entire week, the sun tab reveals sun/moon timings, whereas the radar tab in between these two, fetches real-time weather maps for various locations (currently supports US cities only). The maps are presented in three different modes, namely Radar, Air Quality Index and UV Index.

1Weather-Android-Tweets 1Weather-Android-Gallery

There are no prizes for guessing what’s the little birdie tab at the bottom is all about (it aggregates location-specific weather tweets for nearby locations). The last tab displays a native image gallery, packed with high quality images of your favorite location.

1Weather-Android-Search 1Weather-Android-Settings

Tapping the Menu button shows up a option-packed menu that includes features such as refreshing the app’s content manually, sharing weather information with others, adding a new location to your favorites list, and tweaking the app’s configurations. The settings screen allows you to enable severe weather notifications, modify default weather units, choose a desired background and any three weather components of choice to be displayed on the weather page, and set various refresh settings for the app, as well as the widget.

1Weather-Android-Background 1Weather-Android-Units

All in all, with 1Weather, not only have OneLouder Apps added yet another feather to their glorious cap, but provided with the users with a perfect weather replacement app for their Android device. So, it goes without saying that this particular app, like all other apps from OneLouder Apps, is set to stay in your device for long and for good. A good worthy try is what you can do to, at least, serve justice to this remarkable app.


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  1. “baconreader – the most complete and flawless reddit client to hit the Android Market to date.”

    Sounds like OneLouder paid for this article. =) I guess you don’t know about Reddit News, which blows BaconReader out of the water in terms of features and plain awesomeness.

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