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4 Apps That Give You A Comprehensive Photo-Editing Suite On Your Android

Enthusiasts will unanimously concur that there is more to photography than pointing and capturing. There is composition, framing, lighting, post-processing, etc. to take in to account. Characteristics that define photography as a subject are mostly platform independent, you can take all of what you know about photography and apply it through any means, be it a professional DSLR, a pinhole camera or, the most commonly used smartphone camera. We have already discussed apps like Google Camera. Now, following is a list of apps that can help you take better pictures with your android camera phone.


All the apps listed are free. There are paid apps that serve as all-in-one solutions, however, we can make do with a collection of multiple apps to form one powerful photography solution.

Camera App

We start with the most critical app, the taking of the photograph. Camera 360 is an app that has been around for a while, it has evolved over time and has managed to continuously deliver quality results. It is a fully functional app that lets you take pictures, edit them, apply filters and publish them to your social media sites all within the app. Additionally, you can sift through a list of features to toggle to suit your photography tastes. With the Camera 360 app, you needn’t look elsewhere.

Camera Apps - Camera 360 3Camera Apps - Camera 360Camera Apps - Camera 360 2

Download Camera 360

Close second: VSCO Cam

Editing App

Suppose you have a photograph on hand already, someone forwarded it to you or perhaps you took it from another camera but still need to edit it, for these purposes you will need an app dedicated to modifying and creating content. We look at Pixlr Express. The app does not have a built-in camera, but it does launch your default camera app to snap and import photos from. There is a bevy of free presets, as well as manual adjustment sliders, bringing you as close to raw editing as you can possibly imagine. You can add filters, text, crop the image, resize, recolor, to achieve whatever effect you desire.

Camera App - Pixlr ExpressCamera App - Pixlr ExpressCamera App - Pixlr Express

Download Pixlr Express

Close Second: Adobe Express

Filter Apps

Since the advent of Instagram, filters have found real meaning in social media, but one cannot rely on a single app and its list of filters for all of one’s photography needs, there are occasions that ask for more than just a few, for such a purpose, we rely on PicsArt. Using this app you can apply a covey of filters on an image, you can combine multiple filters in one go. Your final result can be published to your social networks, or to the PicsArt community, you can take part in their contests or just keep the final result to admire.

Camera App - PicsArtCamera App - PicsArtCamera App - PicsArt

Download PicsArt

Close Second: Snapseed

Annotation App

In some scenarios, simple editors are insufficient, there are times when an image needs feedback, could be on a professional document or it could be simple feedback on an image. For these purposes, Evernote’s Skitch is an amazing app that lets you annotate, caption, add comments, even censor an image file/pdf in an elegant and unobtrusive manner. It is right at home at an office, on a desktop or on your phone for fun.

Camera Apps - SkitchCamera Apps - SkitchCamera Apps - Skitch

Download Skitch

Close Second: Sketchbook Mobile

Honorable Mention: Photo Grid is an amazing Collage Maker app. It works wonders for turning a handful of images into a more meaningful memory.


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