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A Cheat Sheet For Video Editing Apps For Your Android Phone

Last week we wrote a small guide on video editing apps for the iPhone that allowed you to perform basic video editing functions for free, and without adding any watermarks to the final output. The purpose of the post was to help readers find an app that had the one video editing function they were looking for and didn’t cost anything to use. This post covers those same functions with apps for Android users. The apps are free but almost all of them feature ads which vary in how annoying and obtrusive they are. Some apps may reduce the quality of the final video but no app ads a watermark.

Requirements: An Android Device running at least KitKat

Root Status: Does not matter

All apps were tested on a Nexus 5 running Android 5.1. The device was not rooted.

Apps featured in this guide:

Trimming A Video’s Length

Video trimming is one of the easier features to find in free video editing apps but most will trim the original clip instead of creating a copy of the clipped portion. VidTrim is the exception in the case. The app may be something of a land-mine riddled with ads but it gets the job done. What’s more you don’t have to compromise on the video quality.

Select the video you want to trim, drag the two knobs at either end of the seek bar to cut the clip and tap the scissor button in the top bar. Choose if you want to trim the original clip or if you want to save the clipped part as a separate video.

vidtrim vidtrim_copy

Merge Two Clips

KlipMix does the trick nicely. Select the clips you want to merge. You can trim the duration of the video if you want and also add music to it. Drag & drop clips to rearrange them and when you’re finished, tap the save button at the top right.

KlipMix KlipMix_merge

 Add Or Remove Audio

It’s surprising how hard it was to find the right app that could mute the audio of a video. We didn’t get the exact functionality we wanted and thus had to improvise a bit. The app for the occasion is AndroVid. It lets you add music from your device. Select the video you want to add music to and tap the ‘Add Music’ button at the top. Browse for the audio you want to use and then balance the volume of the music clip and the video’s original sound. To mute the video completely, reduce both the original volume and the music clip’s volume to zero. You have to select a music file in order to mute audio. There simply is no other way around it.

AndroVid androvid_music_mute

Add Text On A Video

Another hard to find feature was the ability to add text to a video but we found the app that does it very well; VideoShow. Select your video and tap on the player to see the buttons at the top. The Subtitle button lets you add text. You can select the color, position, and duration for how long the text stays on the screen.

VideoShow_subtitle VideoShow_text

Know a great video editing app that does something really well, and for free? Let us know in the comments.

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