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aCheckin For Android: Check In To Games, Discover New Ones & Share Game Progress With Friends

Google Play Store offers quite a collection of games, but the means to discover, discuss and share your favorite games with the gaming community are few and far between. So, it’s always good to see apps like aCheckin hit the store. Simply put, aCheckin is a neatly-built social network for avid gamers, using which they can explore games from the Google Play Store, get game recommendations, check-in to their favorite games, make friends with worldwide gamers, find out what games their friends are currently playing, share game progress with the world, and earn badges for checking in to games.


As with other similar apps, aCheckin also analyzes your gaming habits to come up with matching game recommendations. Your friends can also help you discover new games by recommending the ones they’ve discovered via aCheckin. You can, of course, return the favor.

By friends, we mean your Facebook friends that the app pulls from your contacts list once you authorize it to access your Facebook account, which is required to befriend other app users, indulge in various social activities with them, and win badges through game recommendations.


The app’s Home screen in split into two sub-tabs: Global and Friend. As their titles imply, the Global tab lists the latest activities of worldwide aCheckin users, whereas the Friend tab focuses specifically on your friends’ activities. Alongside each user, you can view their current badge status and the game that they’ve most recently checked in to. Tapping the activity tab lets you check other users who’ve currently checked in to a particular game while tapping a user’s avatar lets you befriend them or view their aCheckin stats.


Looking for fresh games? Hit the Game tab to explore Hot, Trending and Suggested games, or those currently being played by your friends. From within a specific game’s screen, you may like it, download it from the Google Play Store, recommend it to your friends, or share it on Facebook.


The app’s settings screen (Menu > Settings) houses several interesting options, too. It is from here that you can set the games that you wish to check in to automatically. Furthermore, said screen provides you with the option to create a blacklist of games for which you do not wish to receive notifications.

All-in-all, a must-have app if you play a lot of games on your Android device and have quite a few friends that do the same.

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