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Get Moto X-Style Active Display Lock Screen Notifications On Any Android 4.0+ Device

Just a few weeks back, Motorola revealed its Moto X phone that’s the manufacturer’s first device developed entirely since its acquisition by Google.  Apart from its much-hyped customizable body, the phone comes with some nifty software features of its own as well, one of which is Active Display that shows notifications on the phone’s screen while it is locked. These notifications are shown in white in a minimal manner over s black background in order to save battery life on the Moto X’s AMOLED display. Users can then unlock their device directly to the notification’s pertaining app or activity, or dismiss it altogether if it’s not important. XDA-Developers forum member nico001 wanted this feature but didn’t want to get a new device for it, so he decided to develop it himself, and the result is ActiveNotifications. This free app brings this feature to any device running Android 4 or later. Read on for more details.

Before you can start receiving these notification, you need to enable them. Just launch the app and it will guide you through the process of enabling Active Notifications by providing the app with accessibility access. Once done, you’ll land on the app’s main screen, from where you can configure its parameters.

ActiveNotifications for Android 1 ActiveNotifications for Android 2

Now that the app has been enabled, any notification that you receive while your device’s screen is off will show up as demonstrated below. Sliding up will take you to that notification’s action, while sliding down will simply unlock your screen. Either way, if you have screen security (PIN, password, pattern etc.) enabled, it will not be bypassed, so you needn’t worry about security. Sliding on either side (left or right) will simply dismiss the notification.

ActiveNotifications for Android 3 ActiveNotifications for Android 4

In case you don’t want notifications from certain apps to show up this way, you can disable them selectively by tapping Manage notification types from the app’s main screen. Here, you can tap any app to toggle ActiveNotifications for it.

ActiveNotifications for Android 5 ActiveNotifications for Android 6

In case you want your device’s screen to get automatically turned off after the timeout period when an ActiveNotification has been received but not opened or dismissed, you’ll need to grant the app Device Administrator access from Settings > Security > Device administrators.

ActiveNotifications for Android 7 ActiveNotifications for Android 8

A great thing about the app is its attention to detail; it will not show any active notifications while your device is in your pocked or a bag, to avoid accidental unlocks or screen actions. ActiveNotificatins is available for free on Google Play, and can be installed using the link provided below. The free version works just fine but some of its advanced features require an in-app purchase of $0.99. For support, feature requests or updates on development, check out ActiveNotification’s XDA thread.

Install ActiveNotifications from Play Store


    • It’s a theme by the name of Holo Glass, available in Play Store for free. It works with all AOSP-based ROMs that have the Theme Engine (CyanogenMod, AOKP, ParanoidAndroid and countless others).

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