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How To Add A Close Button To Tabs In Firefox Android

There are two ways to close a tab in Firefox Android. To close a tab, you have to tap the tabs icon at the top right. This takes you to a multi-tasking view where you can open a new tab, and view all your current tabs. Here, each open tab is represented as a small window with a close button. You can tap the button to close a tab, or swipe to close it. It’s easy but inconvenient enough that users often just leave the tabs open until they have too many of them open. Tab Close Button is a Firefox add-on that adds a close button to tabs in Firefox. This add-on is for Firefox Android and not for the desktop version of the browser.

Install Add-on

Open Firefox on your phone and visit the Tab Close Button page. Tap the switch to install the add-on. While Firefox Android has never had add-ons that required you restart the browser, it’s a good idea to quit the app and open it again.

Close Button For Tabs

Once you’ve installed Tab Close Button, open a new tab in Firefox. Wait for it to finish loading. Once the tab has finished loading you will see a close button right next to the dropdown button in the address bar. When you tap this button, the current tab will close.

The cross button you see while a tab is loading is a part of the default Firefox UI. If you tap it, it will not close the tab. Instead, it will stop the page from loading.

This add-on works great for the most part but on phones, the close button is hidden on websites that Firefox offers to open in Reader mode. You may not encounter this problem if you’re using an Android tablet but as far as phones go, the close button was blocked on the Nexus 6P which is one of the large-screen devices.

There is no undo-close button. Once the tab has been closed, you can open it again from your browsing history but other than that, there’s no way to undo the action.

Uninstalling An Add-on

If you’ve never used add-ons on Firefox Android, and you don’t like this one, here’s how you can uninstall it. Tap the overflow button at the top right. From the menu that opens, go to Tools>Add-ons. Here, you can see a list of all add-ons installed. Tap the one you want to uninstall. At the bottom right on the next screen, tap the Uninstall button.

Alternatively, just write about:addons in the address bar and tap go. It will take you to the same screen where you can select an add-on and uninstall it.

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