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Easily Populate Android User Dictionary With Words You Use In SMS, Gmail & Social Media

Dictionaries are built into our smartphones to make sure we don’t misspell words, but they also ‘autocorrect’ words that appear to be typos but you intend on using them as they are, or suggest words that you don’t want to use. Teaching these dictionaries new words is both difficult and time consuming. User Dictionary is an Android app that automates the process of adding your frequently used words to your keyboard’s user dictionary. These include words that you mostly use when texting, emailing, tweeting or updating your Facebook status, and can include slang terms, words you purposely misspell to write messages faster, or names of people and places etc. The app analyses your past updates on Facebook and Twitter, your text messages, WhatsApp messages (paid version only), and emails sent from Gmail to populate a list of such words that do no exist in your dictionary but have been used by you. They are then automatically added to your user dictionary and appear as suggestions when you are typing.

This free version of the app can analyze 300 tweets, 40 Facebook status updates, 30 sent emails, and all your text messages for words to add. In order to start using the app, launch it, select the dictionary to use, and then proceed to selecting where you want to import words from. You will have to sign into each service and grant the app permission to access your data. Once the app has analyzed your updates/messages from a particular source, it will list the words it found and ask you to choose the ones you want to import.

User Dictionary sources User Dictionary twitter

Once you’ve imported from the different sources, you can start typing like normal and expect the words to show up as suggestions.

User Dictionary import words User Dictionary prediction

This saves you a ton of time and makes typing considerably easier. Now imagine if you accidentally (or purposely) wiped your device for whatever reason – all the words you had added will be gone! User Dictionary has a solution for that as well, in form of an export feature that will export your dictionary to your SD card. This way, you can restore all those words after setting up your device again, simply by installing User Dictionary and using the ‘Restore from Backup’ option.

User Dictionary backup User Dictionary backed up

User Dictionary is limited only because the free version doesn’t analyze that many updates, emails, or tweets and if you want to analyze more of them for any such words, you will have to upgrade to the paid variant. The upgrade will allow you to analyze messages sent and received over WhatsApp. Once imported, the words are predicted with precision but at times, the app fails to connect with or import words from your accounts. Though it is a small glitch and should be resolved with a few repeat attempts at importing words.

Install User Dictionary from Play Store

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