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Advanced Mobile Care For Android Gets Anti-Theft, Call Blocking & More

Some time back, we covered an Android optimization app named Advanced Mobile Care that houses a plethora of mobile maintenance features wrapped in a fancy and intuitive UI. Originally sporting features such as 1-tap performance boost, virus protection, privacy protector and more, the app later received an update bringing in support for cloud backup, a very slick privacy adviser, and a revamped App manager. The app’s development team seems to be a serious believer in there always being room for improvement, as  Advanced Mobile Care has just received another major update, bringing in newer features and some improvements to existing ones. The app now houses a new Anti-theft system, call blocker, and improved battery saver, and adds supports for Android tablets including the Nexus 7. Let’s take a look at all that’s new in Advanced Mobile Care after the break!

Anti-Theft System

Screenshot_2013-03-28-15-33-00 Advanced Mobile Care  1 Advanced Mobile Care  3

With portable devices, there is always the possibility of misplacing them, or losing them to some optimist thief while you’re not paying attention. The moment that happens, most people start regretting not taking the extra precautionary measures to help recover it quickly. That’s why it’s extremely important to always have an anti-theft system running on your device, and Advanced Mobile Care has added the feature in this update for this very purpose. However, the feature comes with its own limitation.

Most anti-theft apps offer a web interface to connect with the app on your device once it’s lost but in case of Advanced Mobile Care, you’ll need to use another Android device with the app installed in order to access your lost device.  This lack of a web interface and dependence on another Android device can prove to be problematic in many scenarios.

If you do have access to another Android device though, you can use the Anti-theft feature to completely lock the lost phone, get its location, or set off an alarm on it.

Call Blocker

Advanced Mobile Care  04 Advanced Mobile Care  06 Advanced Mobile Care  03

As is obvious from the feature’s name, if you have someone annoying you with their calls that you’d like to avoid for a while, this is the place where you can do that from. Numbers can be added to the blacklist manually or chosen from existing contacts, call logs, or even SMS messages. You can choose between Call Blacklist and Non-Contacts to define the calls that the app will blocking. In case of the latter, calls from anyone not saved as a contact will be blocked. Additionally, you can edit the entries in your blacklist, and check a log of all the blocked calls to see who has been calling and when.

Note that you’ll still need a disguise if you happen to run into a blocked person when out and about.

Improved Battery Saver

Advanced Mobile Care  27 Advanced Mobile Care  25 Advanced Mobile Care  26

The battery saver has also seen some changes. You’ll now see a charging animation when the phone is charging. Furthermore, the earlier versions of the app supported three profiles that could be customized but the with this latest update, the developers seemed to have ditched that in favor of a single and easier to manage battery saver profile. Apart from these few minor changes, this features still retains its purpose and functionality.

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