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Get Galaxy S4-Like Air Gestures On Any Android Device With Air Swiper

Fancy those Air Gesture features in Galaxy S4 and want to control your phone via swipe gestures as well? Try Air Swiper – a really small yet genuinely useful and fun Android app that brings the power of those gimmicky-looking air gestures to your Android device, provided it’s running Android 4.0 or above. Developed by Jiří Helmich in order to ‘makes your life easier’, in his own words, the app lets you control a handful of your phone’s functions via air swipes. That’s right – no more touching your phone to unlock it, or open the latest text message from your significant other. The application makes use of your device’s sensor to control all the supported actions. Details to be followed after the jump.

Air Swiper looks pretty simple on surface, with an interface that is easy on the eyes while being fairly plain and intuitive. As of this writing, the application allows you to control the following features of your phone via air gestures:

  • Locking and unlocking the device
  • Controlling SMS notifications
  • Controlling sound
  • Getting toast message on new SMS
  • Toggling wireless communications like Wi-FI and Bluetooth
  • Turning off lockscreen via swiping twice

The app opens up to an instructions screen to get you acquainted with how the swiping gestures work. Once you’ve gone through that, simply tap Finish to hop on to the main screen, which carries all the settings and controls for the features. The app also requires to be activated in Accessibility settings, though it automatically presents the activation screen upon your first tap to turn on any of the supported gestures. The best bit about this app is that it gives you full flexibility and control over the features you want to turn on or off.

Screenshot_2013-08-06-14-19-59 Screenshot_2013-08-06-14-22-04 Screenshot_2013-08-06-14-22-58

Unlocking and locking is probably the best bit about this app, especially for folks like me who are lazy enough to not want to even glide their finger on the screen upon picking up their device. After enabling this feature, you can simply unlock your phone or even turn on the screen by either holding your hand over the motion sensor of your phone, or moving it in a horizontal direction. You can always jump to the tutorials screen to recap how it works. Likewise, Air Swiper allows you to control your phone’s sound level via a gesture as well. And did I mention you can also open your SMS by a similar hand motion?

Screenshot_2013-08-06-14-23-51 Screenshot_2013-08-06-14-35-43

All in all, Air Swiper is a pretty exquisite app that brings a new way of controlling Android to the table, and doesn’t require you to invest in an expensive handset like the S4 for the purpose.

Install Air Swiper from Play Store


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