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AlarmPad Is A Customizable, Context-Based Alarm Clock App For Android

Every once in a while, we come across an app that blows us away with its exquisite design, comprehensiveness or unique functionality. Timely, an alarm app for Android, is one of those that packs all these traits; it has a gorgeous design, lots of features and an interface that just works every time. Another similar app called AlarmPad Alarm Clock has recently hit our radar, and we believe it might be worth your time. It seems like a simple alarm clock app on the surface, but boasts quite a comprehensive set of customization features.

The simple UI of AlarmPad isn’t likely to amaze you, but its context-based features definitely will. The app allows you to set alarms to get alerts about certain weather forecasts, calendar events or simply to get you out of your bed. You can also set the app to read user-specified messages via text to speech when an alarm goes off.

You’re given all of the basic functionality you’d expect from an alarm app, such as adding multiple alarms, specifying snooze time, ringtone, vibration etc.

AlarmPad Main AlarmPad_New

AlarmPad’s home screen is divided into tabs for ‘Active’ and ‘Disabled’ alarms. You won’t have any alarms at first launch, of course. You can add new ones by hitting the ‘+’ button at the top. On the ‘Set an alarm’ screen, you can specify the alarm time either from presets such as today, tomorrow and morning, afternoon, night etc., or define your own.

AlarmPad_Mesage AlarmPad_Test AlarmPad_Snooz

You can have several additional bits of text and information appear on the alarm screen. This includes auto-generated greetings, the current time, weather forecast and calendar events.

Whenever an alarm goes off, the app displays a full-screen alert with a small ring in the center that you can drag to either side to deactivate the alarm or put it on snooze, just like on the stock alarm screen. It then displays your selected info and begins reading it out loud, that is , if the ‘Speak messages after alarm’ setting was enabled for the alarm. You can mute the narration by tapping the ‘X’ button at the bottom. There are two additional tabs for a more detailed look at the current weather and upcoming calendar events.

AlarmPad-Android-main-screen AlarmPad-Android-weather-tab AlarmPad-Android-calendar-events-tab

AlarmPad also lets you add widgets so you may manage alarms without opening the app itself. You can add widgets of three different sizes: small, medium and large.


Additional parameters such as snooze length, alarm volume, alarm notification background and more can be configured from the app’s settings. From the same screen, You can also set the app to monitor calendar events. Doing so will allow it to display an actionable notification whenever an event is approaching, allowing you to quickly create an alarm for it.

AlarmPad-for-Android-settings AlarmPad-for-Android-calendar-event-monitoring-notification AlarmPad-for-Android-calendar-event-alarm

There are a few customization options we still haven’t mentioned here. Needless to say, if you’re looking for an alarm app that covers all the essentials and is thoroughly customizable, you might not need to look any further.

The free version of the app displays in-app ads and only allows up to five alarms. The Pro variant is free of these limitations.

Install AlarmPad Alarm Clock from Play Store (Free)

Install AlarmPad Pro from Play Store (Paid)

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