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Amazon App Notifier: Get Status Bar Notifications For Price Drops In Amazon Appstore [Android]

Previously covered Android app, AppPlus, served a very simple, yet much-needed purpose; the app lists all the various paid Android apps that are being offered for download in the Google Play Store at a comparatively less price than their original one. However, what if you were to find all such (free) apps that are available across the other major Android app store, the Amazon one? Fresh to the Google Play Store, Amazon (Free) App Notifier alerts you of all the various, originally paid, Android apps that are currently available in the Amazon Appstore for free. While AppPlus presented Android users with recent price drops for apps in a list, Amazon App Store employs status bar alerts to keep you apprised of your favorite Android apps. Notification settings are fully customizable, and in a few taps, you can set the app to remind you of price drops based on your preferences.

The UI of Amazon App Notifier is as simple as it gets. The app sports a solitary homescreen interface that houses all the necessary options required to modify the notifications. As obvious from the (left) screenshot below, various options present on the app’s homescreen can be used to set the notification time, day(s) and sound. There is the option to disable the audio alerts, and should you opt to do so, you’ll only receive silent notification alerts on your Android device’s status bar. The Show notification on boot option, if enabled, reminds you of all the latest free app deals available in Amazon Appstore, without requiring you to launch the app upon rebooting the device.

Amazon-App-Notifirer-Android-Home Amazon-App-Notifirer-Android-Notification

Another important thing to bear in mind, is that you should enable the Show app name and price option available on the app’s homescreen, as disabling this particular option will only show the app’s own title in the status bar as a notification. Finally, the all-important option of them all: the Notifications toggle, which must be turned On in order to receive notifications at the specified time. Beneath said toggle, you can monitor the exact reminder settings, in terms of time and days, that you’ve set for the app’s notifications.

Once the reminder time approaches, the app scans the Amazon Appstore database for all the latest paid Android apps that are currently available for free, and lists them within your Android device’s notification panel. Alongside each individual app, you can see its developer’s name and the original price. Tapping an app’s name takes you to its Amazon Appstore page, from where you can download the app to your Android device. On this note, it must be mentioned that Amazon App Notifier requires the official Amazon Appstore Android client to be installed on your device.

Amazon App Notifier is available in the Google Play Store for free, but you may also opt for the $1 donate version to support the developer. Both the free as well as the donation version of the app support exactly the same set of features, and both are totally ad-free.

Download Amazon App Notifier Free

Download Amazon App Notifier (Donate/Paid version)


    • It’s a built-in feature of the AOKP custom ROM. Basically, it is system toggle widget that comes incorporated within the notification panel of said ROM.

    • Thank you.
      You know if this ROM is for all cell phones with ICS or for a specific model? My phone are a Galaxy Nexus.

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