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Amazon Cloud Drive Photos For Android Adds Instant Upload & More

Amazon debuted Cloud Drive Photos in November last year to provide Android users with a dedicated cloud storage service and visually-rich gallery for images. As mentioned in our review, the initial release of the app lacked several basic features that most rival companies had been offering for quite long. It seems Amazon has eventually realized the significance of most of the missing features, and included them in the latest update of the app. To begin with, the much-awaited instant, automatic photo upload feature has been added to the mix, meaning your Amazon Cloud Drive is now capable of handling your online photo backups in a much better and automated manner. If your device is running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or higher, you can now snap fresh images right from the app using the new camera mode. Continue reading past the break to find out more details regarding the update.

Amazon-Cloud-Drive-Photos-Android-Update-Jan'13-Instant-Upload Amazon-Cloud-Drive-Photos-Android-Update-Jan'13-HOme

Besides the Dropbox and Google Drive-like automatic photo uploading and native photo capturing, this latest update brings batch-select mode for uploading, downloading and deleting images. To snap new images from anywhere within the app, just hit Menu > Camera. Images captured through the app are stored in the ‘Amazon Camera’ folder on your device’s SD card. As with most apps that support automatic and instant photo uploading, Amazon Cloud Drive Photos for Android lets you manually enable/disable this feature. Moreover, you can choose to use this feature over Wi-Fi only, saving up on your mobile data usage.

Amazon-Cloud-Drive-Photos-Android-Update-Jan'13-Batch Amazon-Cloud-Drive-Photos-Android-Update-Jan'13-Settings

Once your upload or download tasks begin, you can keep an eye on its progress via status bar notifications as well as the app’s dedicated ‘Uploads and Downloads’ section that also lets you pause, resume and cancel tasks with a tap.

Amazon-Cloud-Drive-Photos-Android-Update-Jan'13-Cancel Amazon-Cloud-Drive-Photos-Android-Update-Jan'13-Progress

Another useful new feature is the ability to view the usage details for your Amazon Cloud Drive storage from the app’s settings screen. From the same interface, you can purchase more storage beyond the initial (free) offering of 5GB, with in-app purchase. The app now also notifies you if you are running low on your cloud storage, so that you may subscribe for additional storage or get rid of some unwanted content from the existing space to make room for new items.

Amazon Cloud Drive Photo is compatible with Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread and higher devices, but the photo capturing feature is exclusively available on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and higher devices.

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