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Android Not Receiving Texts From iPhone? 7 Best Fixes You Can Try

Android users, especially those who have recently switched from iPhone, often complain that their Android not receiving texts from iPhone. While you can fix this problem, if you don’t take action now, you may miss important SMS messages that can impact your personal or professional life.

Read on to learn easy troubleshooting steps if your Android phone or tablet doesn’t receive texts from iPhone users. 

Android Not Receiving Texts From iPhone 7 Best Fixes You Can Try

Android Not Receiving Texts From iPhone: The Cause

iPhones preferably use the iMessage app for text messaging between iPhone users. Suppose you send an SMS to someone using your iPhone.

The device will try to play smart and check with the Apple servers if the recipient is within the Apple ecosystem. If they are, Apple’s messaging app will send an iMessage instead of a regular SMS.

Now, when you switch from Apple to Android and don’t deregister your iMessage account, you face the Android not receiving texts from iPhone issue.

When an iPhone user sends an SMS to your number, the iMessage app of the sender detects that your number is registered with the iMessage server. It’ll only send an iMessage to your iMessage profile. Your Android device won’t receive the SMS ever. 

How to Disable iMessage and Deregister SIM

Deregistering your phone number from the iMessage server will mitigate the above issue if it’s truly the problem behind the scene. Steps to try:

  • Log in to Deregister iMessage.
  • Under the No longer have your iPhone? section, type in your phone number.
  • Now, click on the Send code link.
  • Apple will send a 6-digit code. 
  • Type in the code in the Confirmation Code box and click Submit.
  • Apple will remove your number from their iMessage database. 

Now, ask your friend or family members who possess an iPhone to send a trial SMS to you after a few hours. If the deletion is in effect, iMessage won’t find your phone number in its database. Hence, the sender’s iPhone will switch its systems automatically to send a standard text. 

Android Not Receiving Texts From iPhone: Other Methods

If iMessage isn’t the issue, then it could be an issue of network, SMS app, Android OS, or device’s status. Here are some troubleshooting steps you can try if iMessage deregistration didn’t help:

1. Ensure Good Network Connectivity

SMS sending and receiving utilizes the cellular network. If you see a low network strength, go to a place where your phone gets a good line of sight (LOS) to the mobile network. Wait some time and see if you receive the SMS or not. You may also try to reset network settings on Android

How to Reset Network Settings on Android using search

2. Unblock the Number

Your device won’t receive texts from a blocked phone number. Open the Contacts app and then go to the Call blocking screen to unblock blocked numbers from which you’re expecting an SMS.

3. Airplane Mode Toggling

Activate the Airplane mode to turn off all communications technologies of your device. Disable it after 20 seconds. Now, check the SMS app for the desired SMS.

4. Update the Android OS

If the Android OS is outdated, you may face issues in receiving texts via the Messages app. Go to Android Settings > System > System updates to check pending device updates. If there are any updates, initiate the process. 

5. Update the SMS App

If there are no Android OS updates, try updating the Messages app on your phone. To do that, go to Manage apps and device in Google Play app > Your Avatar section.

6. Reboot the Device

You may also want to switch off the phone and switch it on again. Do this in a good network coverage area to receive the SMS instantly.


So far, you’ve learned how to troubleshoot the device if you’re facing the Android not receiving texts from iPhone issue. The issue should go away if you try the above steps correctly.

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