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Turn Any Image Into An Interactive, Wobbling Live Wallpaper On Android Using AndWobble

Getting bored of how your original photos look? How about adding some fun factor to them? AndWobble is a free and highly entertaining Android app that you can use to play around with photographs on your mobile device by adding interactive wobbling effects. On the basic level, wobbling lets you select any area of an image and then set it to move in a certain direction by tapping over it, which causes the selected portion to bounce randomly. You can play with effects by tapping, dragging or pinching over the wobble area, or by simply shaking the device. AndWobble even allows you to set these wobbling image as a live wallpaper. Not only can you pick your own images and add wobbling effects, but also choose from a number of user-generated content available in AndWobble’s online library.

The app sports a really simple design. The main screen is an amalgam of interactive tiles that gives you access to different sections of the app such as images, settings, downloads, tutorials etc. You can also take picture and add wobbles instantly without having to leave the interface via tapping Camera. When you open an image, you’re provided with an editing workspace where you can work with your wobbles in layers. Wobbles can be added or removed on the fly, and you can control them in a number of ways, such as rescaling their size, and tweaking the direction they should move in when tapped. The canvas carrying the current image can also be resized via pinch gestures. And you can always revert your last change by using Undo button at the top.

AndWobble Editing

The current image can also be cropped and rotated according to your preferences. When ready, simply tap the play button to see how the final outcome looks.

Editing 2 Editing 3

As mentioned above, AndWobble not only lets you save the images in order to play with them later, but also set them as Live wallpapers on your home screen. This in turn creates really nice bouncing and shaking effects through the phone’s sensors when you move it around.

The last and definitely not the least interesting bit about this app is the user-generated content. That’s right, you can easily upload your Wobbles online and share them with other AndWobble users. The library comprises of hundreds, if not thousands, of wobbles categorized under different channels including popular, just in, recently popular and top rated. You can also add your own custom channels should you want. Downloading and using the wobbles is also a straightforward process.

Sidebar AndWobble_Top Rated

AndWobble is available for free at Google Play and requires Android 2.3 and up. You can download the app via the link provided below.

Install AndWobble from Play Store

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