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Install CyanogenMod cLock Widget Chronus On Any Android 4.2+ Device

The name CyanogenMod needs no introduction for anyone who has been a part of the Android community. For the uninitiated, its a custom ROM that aims to brings a powerful user experience to every major Android device while retaining stock vanilla AOSP looks. In addition to all of its OS-level features that we’ve detailed in our review of CyanogenMod 10.1, the ROM also comes with its own apps such as Apollo Music Player, CyanogenMod File Manager and CyanogenMod Messaging, and one of them is cLock – the well-known clock widget that lets you view the current time, date, weather and alarm information on your home and lock screen. cLock widget comes as default in CM but if you want to install it on your current ROM without switching to CyanogenMod itself, CyangenMod cLock (update: now called Chronus) is what you’re looking for. It’s the official, standalone version of the same widget that can be used on any Android ROM based on 4.2 or later.

CyanogenMod cLock widget is an official release from CM team as a standalone version of the same widget to be used on your home screen or lock screen. This also means that if you’re already on CM 10.1 or later, you don’t need this widget as you already have it as a part of your ROM by default.

CyanogenMod cLock Settings

As of this writing, here are some of the key features of cLock widget:

  • Can be added to both your home screen and lock screen
  • Ability to select between digital and analog clocks
  • Customizable when it comes to the information it displays
  • Supports next alarm display
  • Ability to change font weight in digital clock, date and alarm views
  • Integrated weather panel with updates from Yahoo! weather
  • Choice between color and monochrome weather icons
  • Minimized weather widget support (quite useful on lock screen)
  • Calendar panel shows a scrollable list of upcoming events
  • Upcoming calendar events get highlighted
  • Tapping an event opens Calendar at selected event
  • Taping calendar icon opens Calendar at today’s date
  • Easily changeable font color for all text in all panels
  • Widget can be reconfigured later from the cLock app in the app drawer


When you add the widget to your home screen or lock screen, cLock displays its settings screen where you can easily configure the widget to display information of your choosing. The available settings are split over Clock and alarm, Weather panel and Calendar events. After configuring your desired parameters, tap the checkmark in the top-right corner to add the widget.

Clock Weather

The widget is currently hosted at XDA-Developers forum and can be installed by side loading its APK to your device.

Update: The widget is now available on the Play Store.

Install Chronus (CyanagenMod cLock) from Play Store

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  1. My device is currently running CyanogenMod and I really don’t like the cLock widget.
    DashClock is way better.

    One more thing: in the screenshots above, what did you do to have both a bigger icon and a percentage for the battery in the status bar?

    (CM’s battery icon actually becomes smaller when you choose to show the percentage on the left)


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