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HandyCall: Answer, Reject, Or Mute Calls From A Floating Button [Android]

We’ve reviewed apps that add floating chat heads for Google Chrome, and Android Notifications, and even a nice floating button for accessing the dialer app. Floating buttons aren’t that new a concept and these handy, omnipresent buttons are no stranger to Android users but they seem to centre around replicating Facebook chat heads to a great extent and the majority of these apps do indeed cater to the messaging function of our phones. HandyCall is an Android app that adds a floating head to your screen when  you receive an incoming call. You can answer, reject, or mute the incoming call and continue to do whatever it is you were doing. The app comes with a built-in scheduler that lets you set when the app should be active if you don’t want to use the floating head all the time.

The app is enabled by default once it’s installed. You can change the theme from a circular chat head like theme to a rectangle one. The app supports English, Italian, and Hindi. If you choose to upgrade the app you can reposition where the floating button appears on your screen. Apart from these app settings, you can customize the look of the floating button i.e. Popup. The transparency can be adjusted and you can have the default dialer app appear when you’re on the home screen, or any time you get a call in addition to the popup itself appearing.

HandyCall HandyCall settings

Additionally, you can schedule when the app should be dormant and let the default phone app take over. When you receive a call, you can answer it, decline it, mute it, or send it to the back and let it ring while you continue working in the current app.

HandyCall time range HandyCall_answer

There really are no shortcomings in this app. It’s designed well and is unobtrusive. The scheduling feature is a nice touch in itself allowing users to disable the app automatically when it suits them. The premium features might be worth the upgrade as well. I wouldn’t really recommend the repositioning feature as a reason to upgrade but a brief call history feature is also unlocked with the upgrade. It lets you see when was the last time this contact called you and a snippet of the last text they sent. This is what might actually be handy if you’re using the app to quickly attend or reject calls when you’re super busy and need a filter to judge the importance of a call.

Install HandyCall From The Google Play Store

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