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What Can I Do About The App Could Not Be Downloaded Error (495) [Android]

Android is a great smartphone platform; it’s rugged and built to be pushed to the limits. It’s also prone to the oddest errors. Even if you’ve got a completely basic device that hasn’t been rooted or customized in any way, you will still experience some of these problems. A common error many users might experience is the Cannot Connect To Camera error. Another slightly less common but exceptionally frustrating problem is Error (495) which prevents you from downloading apps from the Google Play Store. The error might have a simple fix, or it might be something far more complicated but here are two things you can try to resolve it.


I’ve been getting this error on & off on my Nexus 5 when it was both rooted and in its vanilla state. The errors comes and goes on its own so that if I’ve initiated a download from my PC, it will start and complete at random. At other times, it will simply fail to download an app or install updates to existing ones. Here are two fixes for it, both of which have worked.

Clear Cache & App Data

Go to the Settings app and Tap Apps. Swipe to the ‘All’ tab and look first for the Download Manager. Tap Clear Data. Next, return to the ‘All’ tab and look for the Google Play Store. Clear the cache and restart your device. You should be able to download an app now.

download_manager play_store

Problems With The Network

Apps not downloading might have something to do with the network you’re connected to and this is the kind of problem that’s harder to solve. You might be able to download apps easily if you switched to a different network but that is easier said then done. Try one of these two options; instead of using your carrier’s network use your Wi-Fi connection, or if it’s the carrier’s network that’s giving you trouble, use your Wi-Fi.

If neither options work, connect to your Wi-Fi network and reset your router. To do so, hold down the power button for a few seconds before you release it. Switch it on after thirty seconds and restart your device for good measure. This should resolve the problem in most cases.

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