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Apply Multiple Effects To Parts Of Images With Photo Touch For Android

Among the countless photo editing, sketching and image manipulation apps available for Android, many offer Instagram-style effects and coloring tools to give your photos a whole new look. Though if you’re not content with applying a single effect to the complete image and would prefer applying different effects and filters across different parts of the same photo, try Photo Touch. Unlike Instagram and most of its alternatives, Photo Touch for Android lets you apply the effects using a completely gesture-based photo editing environment, by simply gliding your finger over select part of the image. You can capture photos from your camera or import them from the Gallery or your Facebook account, pick the effects from a dozen different available options, and preview them on your image before applying them. That’s not all – Photo Touch also comes with several support tools that help you enjoy Photoshop-like features on your Android device.

From Sepia to Motion Blur, Photo Touch offers almost every popular photo effect. The app also keeps track of your latest Photo Touch projects and lets you re-edit them whenever you like. Each project can be exported to local storage, and shared with your friends right from the app.

Photo-Touch-Android-HOme Photo-Touch-Android-Import

Prior to importing an image to the app’s main editing interface, you’re prompted to rename, crop and rotate it to begin with, and adjust the output quality. Past that, you’re taken to a UI offering the following photo editing tools:

  • Brush adjustment tool
  • Undo & Redo buttons
  • Panning tool
  • Auto-fit tool
  • Eraser
  • Paint bucket tool (to apply a specific effect on the complete image with a single touch)
  • Mixer tool (allows applying multiple effects in combination with each other)

In order to start editing the image, you need to select your required effect(s). You can pick as many effects from the app’s effects gallery as you like. Once done with that, you can work with a specific effect by just selecting it from the effect preview strip at the top. As mentioned earlier, you just need to swipe your finger over a specific portion on the image to apply the currently selected effect. Following the same pattern, you can use different effects on different parts of the same photo, creating something truly unique.

Photo-Touch-Android-Sample1 Photo-Touch-Android-Effects

You can combine different effects together using the Mixer feature. Just apply at least one effect on the photo, activate the Mixer tool and select the secondary effect; you’ll now be ready to apply it using the same finger gesture, even over the parts where you had previously applied the other effect(s). Without the Mixer mode activated, applying one effect over a region where another effect was previously applied simply overwrites the previous effect, rather than combining both the effects together.

Photo-Touch-Android-Brush Photo-Touch-Android-Sample2

As you would expect, the eraser tool can be used to manually remove effects from any part of the photo expected, though you can also use the undo button to roll back the last performed action.

Photo Touch is available in the Play Store as both free and $3.00 variant. The paid version is ad-free, allows customization of every single supported effect, and doesn’t place the ‘photo-touch-effects.com’ watermark on imported images.

Download Photo Touch For Android (Free)

Download Photo Touch Full For Android (Paid)

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