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Create Image & Voice Notes On Android & Export To PDF With ArcNote

Note taking apps are common but most are limited to saving simple text notes. ArcNote is an audio and image note-taking app for Android from the developers of the famous Perfect365 image editing app for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Windows. It’s a break from the normal text-based notes apps that you usually come across; you can directly take a camera shot or use one of the images already saved on your device for image notes. A single note can contain multiple images and audio recordings. Images can be edited so that only a particular user-defined area is highlighted. ArcNote isn’t for jotting down a quick address, nor is it useful when you want to make a quick grocery list. It’s more suitable when you can take a picture of whatever information you need to save, like a business card, a poster or sign, or even a whiteboard, or quickly capture audio, for example an important part of a lecture, interview, presentation or just some instructions from your significant other before you go out shopping. While notes themselves aren’t text based, you can add comments to any image in a note. Images can be edited individually, or even in batch.

Notes can be grouped into categories. To add a new note, click the plus sign and choose whether you want to add an image or audio note. With images, you have the choice to take a picture or to use one from your gallery.

ArcNote ArcNote new note

You can snap multiple images in one go, and they are all added to the same note. You can also start recording an audio note while you capture images; just tap the on-screen mic to start recording, and tap it again to stop. Audio recording and image capture can work side by side. Each note can have only one audio clip. When you stop recording, you’ve actually paused it, and resuming it at any time adds to the same recording. Images can be reordered by dragging & dropping them one over the other.

ArcNote record notes ArcNote notes

Notes can be renamed from the options button at the top-right next to the note’s title. You can move the selected note to any category, delete it, or share it as a PDF. To edit an image in a note, tap it and click edit. A marque with four points that you can move freely will appear on the image, allowing you to choose which part to focus. You can rotate the image, apply a few color effects, and apply the changes you’ve made to the current image to all other images in that note by tapping the button at the top-right of the image editor’s screen.

ArcNote rename ArcNote edit

ArcNote can be used in classrooms, meetings, conferences, and just about any situation where both images and audio are important and noteworthy, enabling you to quickly save that information for accessing later.

Download ArcNote For Android

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