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Backup, Aggregate, View & Share Your Photos With NeroKwik For Android

Relatively fresh to the scene, NeroKwik is a gorgeously designed cross-platform photo backup, aggregating, sharing and browsing app that encompasses the core features of some of the top-notch services of their kind. For instance, it has Dropbox, Google+ and Facebook’s Photo Sync-style instant / automatic photo uploading feature to save your precious images on a dedicated online server. It can also aggregate your local and online photos in a way similar to ZeroPC Photo Connect, Pictarine and Pixable, and present them all on a Pinterest-like unified gallery. What’s somewhat unique with NeroKwik is that it lets you pick your favorite photos from different sources and place them under various custom-created themeable collages referred to as ‘Tapestries’. You may also bookmark & rate your favorite images, share the best ones with your friends, and play full-screen slideshows of pictures present in your tapestries.

Looking at the Android app of NeroKwik, one can’t help noticing how it seems like a fine blend of Holo and Modern UI, where the app’s overall UI depicts Google’s Holo design guidelines while the tile-oriented presentation of photo thumbnails appears to have been inspired from Windows’ Modern UI.

NeroKwik-Android-Login NeroKwik-Android-Tutorial1

Before you can start using the features of the app, you are required to log in using a NeroKwik account. First time users have the option to register for a new account for free right from within the app, as it should be in an app of any self-respecting web service. As of now, NeroKwik supports fetching images from just one online service – Facebook. The app’s automatic uploading feature is capable of creating online backups of your photos over Wi-Fi as well as mobile internet.

NeroKwik-Android-Left-Pane NeroKwik-Android-Grid

After logging in, you’re presented with a brief tutorial about the app’s various controls. In the background, NeroKwik scans your local and affiliated online storage for all the photos, and arranges them on a beautiful grid as per the respective dimension of each picture. Besides supporting all the aforementioned features, the app also lets you quickly capture images by invoking the camera from within the app, and then automatically importing the snapped image into the app.


Tapping the tab at the top-left of the app’s main UI reveals a side pane for quick navigation, complete with the shortcuts to your NeroKwik Photos, Tapestries, Marked items, Shared Media and Trash content. Tapping the settings button on this pane, you can change your NeroKwik password, grab the app’s Premium version (with way more goodies), associate your social accounts with the app, and select your preferred mode of automatic photo uploading.

Want to create a new tapestry? Just hold down on the required image for a couple of seconds to trigger the batch select mode. Next, select as many images as you like and once done, hit the grid-shaped button at the top. In this way, you may create a brand new tapestry or maneuver selected images between already existing tapestries.

NeroKwik-Android-Bookmark NeroKwik-Android-Right-Pane

Tapping the tab at the top-right brings up another pane (this time on the right side) that lets you select the preferred mode of thumbnail resizing on the grid. You may also opt to keep the newest images at the top of the grid, and select your favorite NeroKwik theme from the same pane.

NeroKwik is currently available for Android 4.0 or higher devices only. The app is can be installed for free from the Google Play Store via the link provided below. We’ll leave our Windows Phone 8, Mac, iOS and Windows users with some good news – the developer plans to release a dedicated NeroKwik client for all said platforms soon, so keep an eye out for the updates!

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