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BitTorrent Sync Brings Its Two-Way P2P File Syncing To Android

The creators of the ever-popular P2P (peer-to-peer) BitTorrent protocol have today rolled out a brand new Android app for BitTorrent Sync – a P2P syncing solution which we covered back in April when it was initially launched as an alpha release on Windows and Mac. With the Android app joining the pair, syncing files between desktop and mobile will now also be possible. For those who missed our earlier look at the app, BitTorrent Sync is a P2P file syncing app that aims to offer a cloud-like storage solution and lets you sync files across multiple devices. It relies on 32-character passcodes called ‘Secrets’. Using a combination of these Secrets and QR Codes, you can securely sync files between computers, tablets and smartphones. The Android release is available as public beta, and seems a bit more polished than the alpha version we covered for PC.

The Android app comes with a few interesting features that make BitTorrent Sync quite handy for sharing and backing up files. Firstly, it allows you to send and receive files between two mobile devices via QR codes. Secondly, you can create backup of any file or folder from your Android device to your computer. Everything from its design to usage is quite simple and easily understandable. The home screen opens up to the Sync section, and you can navigate to the Send and Backup sections using the pertaining buttons above.

BitTorrent Sync BitTorrent Sync_Sync Folders BitTorrent Sync_Sync QR

The Sync feature basically enables you to synchronize any item from your computer to your device. To do that, select the destination folder on your device and scan the QR code generated via the BitTorrent Sync client on PC. Better yet, you can mark the Automatic sync option to keep things in sync. Once a QR Code is scanned, the app also displays the underlying Secret code that I mentioned earlier, and creates an encrypted file transfer connection between both ends.

It should be mentioned here that since BitTorrent Sync isn’t a cloud-based service, the data never travels through any other system or device, and stays only between those that you’ve chosen to sync. However, the changes made between the devices only get updated when you connect to the internet. The Send feature of the app is pretty nifty for quickly sharing files between two Android devices. It allows you to generate a QR code, which allows the other device to receive the shared item upon scanning it.

BitTorrent Sync_Sendf BitTorrent Sync_Send QR

BitTorrent Sync can also create a backup of your data such as pictures, music and videos from your phone to your computer. To do so, first navigate to the Backup tab and select the source directory on your Android device via tapping the add folder button. The app then generates the secret key required to make a backup of the files from your device to a new folder on your PC.

BitTorrent Sync_Backup Backup Folder Folder Backup Code

Although BitTorrent Sync has been released only for Android at the moment, the company is currently working on an iOS version as well, which is scheduled to be released soon. The Android app can be grabbed for free from Google Play Store.

Install BitTorrent Sync from Play Store

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