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Branches Is An Android Twitter App That Groups Recent Tweets By User

Whether it’s about expressing your opinion, breaking the news, monitoring industry trends or sharing life experiences, Twitter has a lot to offer all its users. It’s a one-stop-shop for the average Joe, journalists, enthusiasts in different fields, and even celebrities as well as large firms to stay connected with one another in real-time. But let’s face it, if you’re one of those Twitter aficionados who follow a lot of people on the micro-blogging platform, it can become fairly tedious to keep a tab on all the tweets from those people on your timeline, which soon becomes cluttered with an unstoppable stream of information that get hard to manage. Branches For Twitter is a new third-party Twitter app for Android that aims to make your experience more streamlined by automatically grouping tweets from each person in chronological order.

The mixed stream of tweets in Twitter’s official app or website can be quite a pain to browse, especially if the ‘Following’ section of your profile is in the thousands. And while it sounds tempting to follow every other person you come across on Twitter, the outcome can lead to a large number of tweets remaining unnoticed on your timeline.

Branches For Twitter aims to help you with this problem by chronologically grouping tweets from each of your tweeps under a branch, and presenting you with a list of those branches on your timeline instead of the regular tweets view. The focus here is to chop off any noise that gets in the way of letting your read the important tweets. While this may seem similar to just going to a user’s profile to view all their tweets, having to find them manually from the list of people you’re following each time can be a hassle, especially considering how many people in your Following list might not even have tweeted recently.

The interface of Branches For Twitter looks elegant and functional. When launched for the first time, the app asks you to sign in to your Twitter account and provide the appropriate app permissions.

Branches for Twitter_Login Branches for Twitter

When logged in, you’re taken to the main interface of the app where the most recent tweets of your followings contact appear. It automatically scans your timeline for the past couple of day, grouping together only the most recent updates by your contacts. You can then simply tap on a single tweet to view the underlying branch of tweets by that user. Another interesting bit is that the previous branches that appeared on your last refresh are also retained for the next time you visit the app.

Branches for Twitter 2 Branches for Twitter_Tweet

The app also allows you to post new tweets, retweet, share, favorite and reply to messages in a similar manner to the official Twitter app.

There are many other Twitter clients available but I don’t think any other alternative offers the functionality of Branches For Twitter. It’s fairly limited in its current standing, but pretty great at what it does. You can download the app via the link below.

Install Branches For Twitter from Play Store

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