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Bright Weather Is Another Gorgeous Weather App & Widget For Android

Do you need an umbrella today? Well, the weather looks just fine and sunny, but then again, you never know. There’s no arguing the fact that the Google Play Store has a ton of weather apps. Some put a higher importance on accuracy, while others are designed with gorgeous looks in mind. But if you need an app that’s both beautiful and feature-laden, then LevelUp Studio’s new Bright Weather may make you fall in love with its minimalistic design and comprehensive set of information that it throws at you. It may not be the best in the business, but it does do all the things you’d expect from an app of this kind; beautiful home screen widgets, ability to share weather, fascinating UI and whatnot.

Bright Weather_Main Bright Weather_Main 2

The app gives you weather in the most comprehensive way possible, as it provides more (or farily equal) information than just about any other weather app I’ve tried. LevelUp Studios tout Bright Weather as ‘the beautiful design mixes stunning photography with minimalistic graphics’ and I couldn’t agree more. The app simply looks stunning with its blurry background images.

The basic layout comprises of temperature readout on the home screen where you can swipe left and right to reveal further information such as forecast for the next six days window, low and high readings, UV index, current moon phase, feels like, wind speed and so on. There’s also a built in radar that pin points your location on the map. And just like the plethora of other weather apps, you can add multiple locations into it and keep a tab on them simultaneously. The app also works well in both landscape and portrait modes.

Bright Weather_Map Bright Weather_New location Bright Weather_Location search

From the current weather view, you can tap the miniscule camera button at top to enter camera view finder, which allows you to take a picture embedded with current weather conditions and share it with others, lets say, on social networks like Facebook or Twitter. The view finder doesn’t carry many options and all you will find is a snap button to the right.

Bright Weather_Camera

Bright Weather also enables you to set, what the it calls, Smart Notifications. These are basically custom notifications to get instant alerts about the changing weather conditions you specify, let’s say, when the minimum or maximum temperature reaches a particular threshold in the specified area during marked days. That said, you can also display current temperature on status bar if you need.

Bright Weather_Settings Bright Weather_Smart Notificaitons Bright Weather_Custom Notificaiton

Bright Weather is not just about pretty looks within the main app, as you can get the same with widgets on your home screen. When placing a widget, you can specify location info, toggle clock and enable wallpapers from Bing.

Bright Weather_Widgets Bright Weather_Widget Settings

All in all a good app to create forecasts for multiple locations, get weather info from widgets and boasts eye candy UI. It sports in-app ads but there’s the option to remove them via paid upgrade.

Install Bright Weather from Play Store

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