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Popular Home Maintenance App BrightNest Comes To Android

If you’ve ever happened to take a look around your house and seen the gazillion or so tasks awaiting your attention like things to be fixed, cleaned, moved, sold or boxed, then you’d definitely appreciate what BrightNest brings to the table. This popular website turned mobile app which we covered a while ago has now landed on Google Play Store for Android devices and brings with it a ton of tips and tricks for cleaning and maintaining a home.

The last time we talked about BrightNest it was only a website that could provide you with many tips, reminders, manuals and more, related to household maintenance. Since then, the service introduced many new useful features, and has made its way to mobile platforms. The Android application sports a clean and elegant interface and offers users various household styling and maintenance tips as well as ways to improve your lifestyle.

BrightNest_Intro BrightNest_Qs BrightNest_Login

When launching the app for the first time, you’ll be prompted to login to your account as well as answer a few simple questions like do you have any pets or kids? Do you have a garage? Does your home have air conditioning? After gathering this basic information, it offers tips that save time and money on basic home upkeep. Each suggestion is also sub divided into sub-categories for instance Green, Clean, Handy, Hungry etc. When you tap on a suggestion, BrightNest offers pertaining articles usually a list of things that you can use to accomplish your goal. The clean interface of the app works well and is easy to navigate when it comes to exploring different sections. The app also keeps throwing in more questions for you to bring more suggestions specifically tailored for you.

BrightNest_Main BrightNest_Suggestion

In addition to providing you personalized tips and tricks, the app allows you to track what needs to be done around your house. This can be achieved via setting different To Dos and reminders. To add a new task, simply swipe from the right edge of the displays and tap ‘Add Custom To Do, this will open the new to-do screen where you can write your task, give it a custom name and specify the deadline.

Another interesting bit about BrightNest is its Explore screen which helps you view specific content only. For instance, if you want to see home related tips regarding health, you can tap ‘Healthy’ from the Sidebar menu and BrightNest will only show content related to wellness of your home.

BrightNest_Sidebar BrightNest_To Do BrightNest_Explor

BrightNest is available for free at Google Play and works on Android 4.1 or later.

Install BrightNest from Play Store

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