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Broadcast & Discuss Videos On Facebook In Real-Time With LiveLens

Thanks to the likes of Strimz and VtweetIT, Android users have quite a few live video broadcasting apps at their disposal to share their life’s memorable events on two of the biggest social networks of the present age: Facebook and Twitter. Talking of broadcasting videos on Facebook in real-time from your Android device, LiveLens is a free app that serves the purpose quite aptly. Unlike Strimz, LiveLens supports way more features and offers you better control over who gets to see your live videos on the network. In addition, LiveLens is capable of storing your video recordings on its cloud, meaning you and your friends can stream the content as many times as required. The app also has a built-in video library that lets you manage your personal LiveLens recordings and stream videos shared by your friends.

Another useful feature of the app lies in its capability to monitor and display all the comments and likes your videos has raked, and keep you informed about the number of times a video has been played, all in real-time. There is no limit on the length of the videos that can be recorded, and the app can automatically upload your videos to cloud as soon as the recoding completes.

The app’s dedicated video library is also capable of displaying GIF-like dynamic previews of your video thumbnails. In case you’re looking to capture videos via LiveLens in offline mode, it will automatically upload those clips as soon as you’re connected to the internet.

LiveLens-Android-Login LiveLens-Android-Home

When launched for the first time, LiveLens requires you to log in with your Facebook account. Past that, you are taken to the app’s viewfinder screen, complete with various on-screen controls. Prior to broadcasting live videos from your Android device, you can assign a custom title to the stream, choose between front & rear cameras, and select the friends with whom you wish to share the broadcast. For the latter, just drag down the friends panel and make your selection.


Remember that once streaming begins, you can neither alter the viewer settings, nor switch camera views. Provided you’re connected to the internet, tapping the red recording button at the bottom will automatically begin streaming your live videos to Facebook according to your selected viewer preferences.

LiveLens-Android-Library LiveLens-Android-Comments

As mentioned earlier, the app keeps you updated about all the likes, comments and number of views for each clip shared via LiveLens.


LiveLens is currently available for Android only, but the developer aims to release an official iOS version soon as well.

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