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Call Planner Is An App That Schedules Phones Calls With Reminders [Android]

We’ve reviewed a lot of reminder apps for just about every platform out there. Reminder apps are more or less notes that you can set alerts for. They can be simple To-do list apps that can alert you to a task, or they can be calendar based task schedulers. Call Planner is an Android app that is in essence a reminder app but for a very particular niche function; phone calls. The app lets you schedule calls you need to make and if you like, it will automatically add missed calls to your To-do list and schedule birthday calls. Call reminders can have low, medium, and high priority and be put in to a planned or to-do category.

Launch the app and you will notice two buttons on the Action bar; one for lists and the other for reminders. Both let you add a call reminder but the list button adds the reminder directly to the To-do list. All call reminders in the to-do list have no day and date for when it will alert you to make the call. It is basically a list of all calls you want to schedule.

The reminder button lets you plan a call for a specific date and time. All these calls which have a predetermined time for when they are to be made go in the Planned category. You can easily send a call in the Planned list to the To-Do list by tapping the more button next to a call entry and selecting to move it from the options. In addition to setting a date and time for a call, you can also color code the calls under the category option and add a note so you remember what it is you need to call about.

Call Planner_reminder Call Planner options

Swipe right to open the navigation drawer and you can access the To-Do calls, view completed calls, planned calls, and your call history. When you view your call history, you view it in the app itself and not the Dialer app. You can then plan calls directly from there. Call Planner’s settings let you automatically add missed calls to the to-do list. You can manage the notifications for a call that’s due and add birthday calls to the planned list.

Call Planner nav Call Planner settings

The app works great and the design is very neat. You can make a case for using any old reminder app to schedule calls but it isn’t going to be the same as using Call Planner. The app gives you a notification when it’s time to make the call and you can either make the call from the notification itself or move it to the To-Do list so you can reschedule it later.

Install Call Planner From The Google Play Store

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