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Call Popout Shows Floating Popups For Calls Within Select Android Apps

Remember CallHeads – the nifty Android app that basically allows you to get incoming calls in form of Facebook’s Chat Heads-style bubbles? The app was pretty handy for deciding what to do with incoming calls without having your entire screen taken over by the default phone interface. If you liked CallHeads, you’re gonna love Call Popout by Root Uninstaller. Although it looks and functions similarly to the former, it come with some extra handy features not available in CallHeads, such as the ability to customize the head’s border color, and enable the feature for only a selected number of apps in case you want to receive calls the usual way when using other apps.

On its basic level, Call Popout shows you any incoming call as a small photo bubble accompanied by caller’s name or number. The call head is displayed as a bubble over any on-screen activity, which can be anything ranging from the camera or an email client to a game, meaning what you’re currently doing doesn’t get interrupted when you receive a call, while still letting you see who the call is from and perform actions on it. You can tap and hold the bubble  to accept or reject the call, mute it, or toggle the speaker.

The Settings screen of Call Popout lets you configure its various aspects. Starting from the top, the Mode option allows you to choose whether to enable receiving calls this way for all apps, or a selected few only. In the second case, tap ‘App list’ and select your desired apps from the proceeding screen. The Off option lets you disable Call Popout for all calls.

Call Popout Apps list Color

The app also lets you tweak a few additional parameters such as ‘Slient on touch’ for muting the ringer when you touch the call bubble, ‘Stay popup on pickup’ to keep the primary popup intact even after you attend the call, ‘Head size’ between small, medium and large, and border color using the integrated color picker, small control size, as well as bubble alignment on your screen  (top, center or bottom).

When enabled, Call Popout automatically takes over the default Phone app, and displays a call bubble in place when any incoming call arrives. This bubble displays the caller’s photo, along with their name, and  you can choose to accept, reject and mute the call by moving the call head to the appropriate round button.

Homescreen Call Popout in browser

Call Popout is still in early beta, meaning the developer is still ironing out bugs and fixes before the final release.

Update: The app is now available on the Google Play Store. We’ve updated the download link below.

Install Call Popout from Play Store


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