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CamFind Brings Its Awesome Image Search & Recognition To Android

Taking photos from your smartphone surely sounds fun. Just point and shoot, and you will have the moment stored as a digital image. But what if you need to find more information about a certain subject from the image? Back in 2013, iOS users got an awesome camera app released on the iTunes App Store by the name of CamFind that identifies the subject in photographs, and then searches the web for relevant results like similar images, price comparisons and more information pulled from various sources. CamFind has finally made its way to Google Play Store, bringing its powerful image recognition technology to Android.

The simple interface of CamFind is its least jaw-dropping aspect. You have a camera button at the bottom to capture photos, a clock next to it that takes you to your history, as well as another button at the right that allows changing the language or accessing the voice search option.

CamFind CamFind_Capture CamFind_Slide Option

The search by voice feature basically works like Google Now, though it isn’t very accurate most of the times. Since CamFind is a visual search engine, you can either capture the image by using the camera button, or import an existing one already stored on your device’s storage. When you snap a photo using the simple camera interface, the image recognition process kicks in for a few seconds, during which CamFind retrieves relevant information from different online sources.

Once the app has recognized something, rather than taking you straight to the page of search results, CamFind shows the name of the subject it recognized at the top of the screen. If you have the ‘voice’ option turned on, it also reads the text out to you. You can slide the text bar at the top rightwards to reveal more options such as changing search text, or toggling the voice feature.

CamFind_Library Image CamFind_More Options CamFind_Search by voice

During testing, I tried taking several photos of various objects from different angles and under different light conditions, and the results were nothing short of spectacular. CamFind worked most of the time just as advertised. Taking a photo of a panda figurine presented similar action figures from different internet sources. The results page presents images and text results separately. In case the returned results are incorrect, you can always take a new photo.

CamFind_Find CamFind_Image

CamFind is available for free at Google Play, and works on all devices sporting Android 2.2 and up.

Install CamFind from Play Store


  1. Newsflash…… Google has offered image recognition to both android and ios users since 2010…..It’s called Google Goggles

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