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Capture, Edit & Annotate Screenshots On Android With Ashampoo Snap

People loves taking screenshots on their Android devices, be it to show off their home screen setup on DeviantART and MyColorScreen, seek tech support over at communities like XDA-Developers, or write app reviews like us. But there are times when you need to make a few modifications to the original image before sharing it online. If you don’t want to use any complex editing tools for the purpose, then Ashampoo has the right tool for you in their new Ashampoo Snap app for Android. Using this decently designed app, you can easily take screenshots and annotate them right away in the simplest fashion. The powerful built-in image editor lets you add shapes, emoticons, cliparts, texts, arrows etc. to the image, and share it via Android’s native sharing option.

Snap’s UI is pretty straightforward, and the the process to capture and edit screenshots on the go is equally simple. Here’s how it works.

To begin, just capture the screenshot as you normally do (Power + Volume down does the job on most devices). The image is then automatically exported to Snap’s editing workspace, where simple gestures like pinching and dragging allow you to zoom or reposition the image however you need.

You can also alternatively import the image directly from the Gallery, or capture it using your device’s camera. In the image preview screen, Snap enables you to tweak the image in a multitude of ways. To bring up the available editing options, you need to first tap the small arrow button at the bottom-left corner.

Ashampoo Snap Free Screenshot_Main Ashampoo Snap Free Screenshot_Tools Ashampoo Snap Free Screenshot_Draw

The mini sidebar that pops up carries various editing options such as adding shapes such as circles, squares or lines, the marker and pencil tools for highlighting or drawing something, emoticons and text boxes. An image can also be cropped to a custom size, and Snap enables you to quickly revert back any changes via the Undo button.

You can save the output file in either JPEG or PNG format. Quality parameters of both these supported formats can be controlled from the settings screen, which also also lets you toggle Snap’s persistent icon in the notification bar, send usage data to the developers for improvements in future updates, and automatically import any captured screenshots into Snap’s editing interface.

Ashampoo Snap Free Screenshot_Crop Ashampoo Snap Free Screenshot_Emoticons Ashampoo Snap Free Screenshot_Settings

The free version of Snap features ads, though an in-app Pro upgrade not only makes it free from advertisements, but also adds additional functionality such as image scaling, the ability to upload image to AshWeb, and more clipart and shapes.

Install Ashampoo Snap from Play Store

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